Level Up Your Business
"Few things can accelerate you toward your goals faster than participating in a mastermind.
The important thing is to think it through and get off on the right foot...”
- Michael Hyatt

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Hey there! 
My name is Joey Barker...

...and I’m forming a mastermind group to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share ideas, grow my business and help others in the group grow theirs.
This is not a marketing ploy to get people into a course. I’m looking to grow my businesses in a co-operative environment and also share my knowledge and experience.

I have been ‘going it alone’ for the last 7 years and it can get a little lonely and boring. I like to do my own thing but miss being part of a team. I believe an engaging mastermind group would be fun and benefit my business.
(Kind of like working with a team of entrepreneurs where entrepreneurs where we aren’t competing but instead, adding to each others ideas and reaching our goals faster)
I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others as well as the opportunity to get fresh ideas and inspiration for my projects and businesses.

In the last year. I’ve been invited to join a number of groups but most of the members are just beginning their journey. I totally respect and admire that but I’m well beyond the start-up stage and want to get involved with people who are in a similar position...


  • You’re working full time on your business or close to making that move.
  • You are able to commit to an online mastermind group meeting every other week.
  • You live in North America (Sorry, but joining meetings at a similar time will be a challenge if you live in a different time zone).
  • You currently have an online business and are doing at least $5000 a month in sales.


Every Other Tuesday

At 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern
As we are pretty strict with the commitment, if you miss a meeting then it's okay. Just know that attendance is important and if you're consistently
missing the meeting date then we must make room for people who are more serious about committing.

Where Do We Meet?

Google Hangouts!

As long as you have a computer and the internet
This is an online mastermind so you can be anywhere you want as long as you have the quality internet connection. You can be on the beach sipping on margaritas for all we care. Just be there and ready to participate and grow your business.


We use Patt Flynns Mastermind Model below. The whole meeting lasts about an hour and we try and abide by a strict struture so its all business.
  • 10

    1. Lets Talk About Our Wins!

    We like to start off on a high note and spend the first 10 minutes in a Round Robin style discussing our wins for the week. Anything that you can consider a win is good to talk about. We like to focus more on wins that are business and goal related, but these wins can be anything really.
  • 40

    2. Hot Seat

    After we share our wins, one person in the group spends about 40 minutes in the hot seat. In the hot seat the selected member presents there problem, issue or idea to the rest of the group. Then the rest of the group provides brutally honest feedback to the member about their idea or direction in order to help the hot seat member break through any problem spots or open their mind to a unique direction and ultimate provide a positive outcome for their business.
  • 10

    3. Goals & Accomplishments

    After the hot seat time has ended, we spend the last 10 minutes in a round robin style with each member discussing their goals and accomplishments they need to finish before next week. This should help everyone be more productive overall as there is a bit of accountablity each week.


  • Marcellus Montalvo

    I build potent sales and operations management strategies that produce results, bolstered by well over a decade of leadership experience driving business development, Fortune 500 client engagement, and revenue growth for a leading aviation MRO company.
  • Shawn Sandy

    Shawn delivers a truly unique perspective having earned many titles: Market Director, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Production Manager, Marketing Director, Development Director, Business Manager, Entrepreneur . . .
  • Scott Finney

    Who is your ideal customer and where are they online talking about the problem you solve? Lets find out where they are and get in front of them in an organic way. The good news is your customers are looking for you and your business online.
  • Rafi Chowdhury

    Seven years Marketing experience via Social Media. Graduate of The LeaderShape Institute 2013.
    Founder / Co-founder of four start-up businesses. 
  • Brittany Alexis Yeager

    5 years of diverse experience running fertility groups online for mothers, designing websites for clients and running social media content strategies for startups and small businesses alike.
  • David Butts

    Mr. Butts has an extensive record of success and diverse legal experience in legal controversies--those that approach and include trial and those that continue to the appellate courts.


Passionate, forward-thinking, and inventive web strategist, SEO and growth hacking entrepreneur. Expertise and interest in creating world-class digital experiences ... with game changing results.

  • FedEx OneRate campaign launch, Small Business Center, Ship&Get programs + social media team co-leader + analytics team training on usage of Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • SEO strategy for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, including keyword optimization, social integration and inbound linking strategy that boosted online donations more than $100k per week during 2013 Thanks & Giving campaign
  • AutoZone Social Media Campaign to reach annual year one goals for FY12 within the first 2 months - with $15k remaining budget; FY12 return on social media programs = $3.6MM

Having to watch slow businesspeople #FAIL on a consistently corporate basis, with the old marketing tactics is painful (not traditional – OLD… door-to-door sales or even a sense of providing a service to your community, that’s traditional) …

… it’s extremely painful.


We have a lot going on in our business, and it would be awesome to get your input on some of the new directions we are taking. I’m hoping I can offer you some value as well.
If you think my podcast and blog are helpful, I might be able to help you in a mastermind type setting. If I can’t help you, I’m sure @unfunnel will have something to say about your (dismal/inspring) sales figures.