10 Fields Hiring Blue Collar Workers

If you prefer working in an environment involving physical labor and using your hands instead of working in an office setup, you might want to consider working as a blue-collar contractor. Typically, a blue-collar contractor doesn’t necessarily need a college degree. However, they must have certain skills and expertise to accomplish specific tasks. Unlike white-collar jobs that are often salaried, blue-collar workers are often paid hourly or after completing a project. If you hope to join the blue-collar field, here are some hiring fields.

1. Excavation Services

There are many DIY projects people can take on. However, most people prefer leaving it to the experts when it comes to excavation work. Excavation is a complicated process involving a lot of moving parts. A worker in this field is tasked with working on a construction site, operating heavy machinery, and carrying out manual labor. Examples of an excavation contractor’s duties include digging trenches, excavating for water features, grading, hauling dirt, and transporting crew and equipment.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can look for companies hiring blue collar workers in this field. Most laborers in the exaction field learn through on-the-job training. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting a college degree.

You must have a high school diploma or GED certificate regarding educational requirements. You may also be required to have a license if your job description involves operating machinery. Companies that could be hiring in this field include brush clearing companies, septic companies, and landscaping companies.

Working in the excavation field is a hazardous job. Therefore, before getting to the dirt work, a qualified contractor should carefully analyze and plan how to go about a specific project. Some of the hazards and risks involved during excavation include people and materials falling inside the excavations, damage to underground services, and the collapse of the sides of the excavated area.

2. HVAC Repairs

Businesses and homeowners depend on an HVAC system to ensure their spaces are comfortable and safe. If you think about a health facility or a restaurant, the HVAC system is a critical component that not only ensures safety but also protects the viability of products such as certain foodstuffs and medications. If you’re looking for a career that allows you to interact with clients while working outdoors, then looking for companies hiring blue collar workers in the HVAC repairs field is the way to go.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the HVAC industry is one of the fastest-growing careers. In fact, by 2028, the field is expected to expand by 13%. The growth in this industry is attributed to rising awareness of the importance of indoor quality air, demand for energy-sufficient systems, and an increase in global construction activities.

A career in this field can be very challenging. You would be required to work in extreme settings like small, dirty spaces and in extreme weather conditions, and on peak days, you would be required to put in more hours. However, you will enjoy the rewards in the long run as it is a high-paying career path.

Generally, an HVAC technician is a professional who fixes, installs and maintains cooling and heating systems. Although these professionals don’t necessarily need a college certificate to qualify, they need skills in AC repair services, thermostats, and home zoning and furnaces. Your employer may demand more qualifications for higher-paying, more specialized jobs.

3. Dock Construction

Where you choose to live greatly impacts a person’s physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional life. Studies show that living near water helps promote physical health and mental wellness. While all these are good attributes for a waterfront home, a home built near water creates a job opportunity for dock builders. The truth is, when it comes to dock builders, there is more than meets the eye.

Just as with many other blue-collar jobs, the only educational requirement in this field is a high school diploma; other requirements include being at least 18 years of age and acquiring a valid license. When looking for companies hiring blue collar workers in this field, it would help to apply to a union. A trade union will connect you to potential employers and help negotiate for better working conditions and pay. According to Zip Recruiter, the national average salary is $23 per hour, but it could change depending on varying factors.

4. Well Drillers

Generally, water is vital for survival. According to Brett Walton, 42 million Americans use wells to supply household water. A well on a property will help ensure a constant water supply, as homeowners don’t have to worry about a water main break at a different location.

A private well will also help minimize monthly expenditures by reducing their water bill. Typically, wells vary in size and the number of people they serve. They require the help of a specialist to build, design, and maintain.

If you are looking for a career in this field, first you will need to earn a GED or high school diploma, join a training program to gain experience and knowledge on some practical skills that are required, get a license, and then look for companies that are hiring blue collar workers in your area. Once you have completed the process, you can offer local well drilling services. As of October 2023, the hourly pay for a water well drilling job was $25.56.

5. Commercial Truck Cleaners

A truck wash service is one of the most important services for commercial fleets. It not only helps to portray a positive image for truck operators but will also help to prevent accidents. Business owners can get away with washing their private cars by themselves. However, the same can’t be said about commercial trucks. Typically, commercial trucks are much bigger than regular cars, so hiring a professional commercial truck cleaning service is the most sensible choice.

If you want to join this field, you can either become a centralized washer or a mobile washer. A centralized truck washer works at a specific location where owners bring their trucks for cleaning. In contrast, mobile washers go to where their clients are. Whatever working conditions you prefer, you can find companies hiring blue collar workers with flexible working conditions.

Typically, to become a professional commercial truck cleaner, having a high school diploma isn’t a requirement for most employers. However, it helps to have one. Having a commercial driver’s license would also be helpful since you may be required to move trucks and other commercial vehicles.

6. Mechanic and Vehicle Repairs

Auto mechanics are highly skilled people who work on vehicles’ electronic and mechanical systems. Choosing a career in this field can be exciting and fulfilling, even for people with little experience. If you love vehicles and have always dreamt of having a career that allows you to work on vehicles, this is the career path for you. Your daily duties will typically include engine inspections, regular maintenance work, diagnosis of electrical, mechanical, and structural issues, advising customers, and many more.

In most cases, educational requirements for a career in this field hardly involve acquiring a college degree. However, some skills are necessary to ensure you become a successful mechanic. For example, you will need to have advanced knowledge of the tools used for repair and maintenance, knowledge of the mechanical elements of a vehicle, and excellent multi-tasking skills. Luckily, with proper training from companies hiring blue collar workers, you can gain the required skills.

Vehicles are an everyday necessity that helps people get to work on time, run grocery errands, visit their friends and relatives, and get their kids to school. Since vehicles are used frequently, they are bound to wear and tear. Routine maintenance helps to delay the process of wear and tear, therefore extending the service life of a vehicle. Unfortunately, even with proper maintenance, accidents still happen and call for unscheduled visits to local mechanics. Although necessary, auto body repair costs are significantly higher than routine services.

7. Window Cleaners and Replacers

Windows are an important part of a home. They allow fresh air to flow and light into space, making it brighter. Due to exposure to different elements, grime, dirt, and hard water stains may build up on windows, making them appear foggy. A window cleaner is a professional equipped with the skills, chemicals, and tools to ensure the windows of a building are completely clean. In the case of tall buildings, these professionals use ladders, climbing platforms, and other safety equipment to clean the hard-to-reach windows.

If you have a passion for cleaning windows and wish to turn it into a career, you can look for companies hiring blue collar workers or start your own window cleaning business. According to Dan Marticio, the United States window cleaning business is worth over $40 billion annually. Therefore, the industry provides a good opportunity for you to start and run a successful business.

Even with proper maintenance, homeowners may still need to replace windows. The windows could be broken, or they may want to change the appearance of a home. This creates a job opportunity for contractors who specialize in window replacement services. To become a blue-collar contractor, you must pay for and complete an exam before receiving a contractor license.

8. Gutter Cleaners

Roof gutters play a vital role in a home. They help to protect the structure of a building from water damage by collecting water from the roof and draining it away from your house. Unfortunately, gutters don’t always get to do what they are created for. Leaves and other debris collect in them, making it difficult for them to function effectively. This unfortunate situation for homeowners creates a job opportunity for people who want to work in the gutter service field.

A career in gutter cleaning is a smart move since homeowners will always need their gutters cleaned. Many companies add gutter cleaning services to their already existing businesses. This, in turn, creates a need for hiring blue collar workers who specialize in cleaning gutters. Gutter cleaners gain their skills through apprenticeship programs and on-the-job training. However, they must have health and safety knowledge since they usually work on ladders.

9. Swimming Pool Installers

A swimming pool is a great addition to a home. It not only allows homeowners to cool off during summer but also helps to raise the value of a home should they want to resell. According to Tony Mariotti, out of the 130 million households in the United States, roughly 8% of homes have a swimming pool. Americans are widely known for their affection for swimming pools. If you are among this demographic but wish to earn a living from it, you have an opportunity to do so by becoming a swimming pool installer.

You can start your journey towards becoming a swimming pool installer by looking for a local company hiring blue-collar workers. Regarding certifications and licenses, the requirements vary from state to state. Some may require certification, while others don’t.

The general responsibilities of a swimming pool installer include building and repairs that may include swimming pool leak detection repair. Of course, the size of a swimming pool will vary according to customers’ specifications. As a swimming pool contractor, it is your responsibility to help your clients select an ideal location for a swimming pool.

10. Vehicle Towers

Motorists are responsible for driving carefully on roads. However, accidents and breakdowns can happen at any time. It’s up to tow truck drivers to respond to these incidents and fix the cars if possible or tow the vehicles to nearby auto shops for repairs. Generally, tow truck driver duties involve light and heavy towing. To qualify as a contractor, you should hold a commercial driver’s license and be trained to operate different equipment associated with the job description.

Additional requirements from companies hiring blue collar workers in this field include being 18 years and above, completing a drug screening test, passing a background check, and passing a physical ability test. According to Indeed, once you have successfully checked off all the requirements, you can earn an hourly rate of $15.49. The amount could vary depending on location, certification, experience, and overtime.

Contrary to common belief, blue-collar workers are not always uneducated and unskilled. If you are applying for a high-ranking position in the field, you may be required to have a college degree. Although the situation is different in each country, what remains the same is you can achieve great success if you start now.

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