5 Stunning Ways Office Design Can Boost Your Branding

Initially, branding was used to identify livestock. Dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, branding allowed owners to lay a claim as owners of castles or whatever herd they have. Centuries later, branding became an essential practice in the Wild West.

As ranches expanded, they needed the designs etched to the ranch animals via hot metal to differentiate what one ranch owns compared to another. It’s ingenious and most importantly, it protects the owner from thieves. Once a cow is branded, it can easily be traced to its owner wherever it goes.

Today, branding has become a marketing word. It connotes the memorable impression one associates with a brand. And as distinguished as you may want your brand to be, it has to be grown dynamically with care. True enough, the best brands today elicit a feeling of great satisfaction.

A good example here is Nike. So popular is the Nike brand that just seeing the Swoosh design on any shoe is enough to know the shoes.

But branding isn’t just about the product. It’s also about the service that one gives to customers. The customer journey, in fact, defines the brand.

By extrapolation, such branding applies also to the front office. Thereby, making sure the customer experience is as stellar as can be when the client goes to your office is spot on. In more ways than one, your office should also reinforce your brand.

Worry not, however. Listed below are five of the most awesome ways you can make office branding happen.

Define Brand Values

Before having your mind’s creative juices applied to your interior design, know first your brand values. So first up, establish your brand values. When your brand’s personality is set, things should flow there. Adding logos, trademarks, color schemes, and slogans would be a cinch.

It rsquo;s actually simple, you just need to know how your business is helping customers and then make associations which you’d like your customers to draw. The best way to really get the identity of your brand is by asking at least five words that describe your customers and your business.

Differentiate Your Staff and Client Spaces

When you plan for your design, don’t forget to separate areas for clients and your staff. For sure, both of them see your business differently. So their environments should also vary.

What are the implications? Well, you need not spend much time on your staff’s office space since they already witness the everyday realities of such business. But for your customer,  the front office should reverberate strongly your brand. The message should be clear.

Focus on Touchpoints


While it’s possible to balance office branding, it’s also possible to overdo it. To avoid this, you should focus on touchpoints. A good place to start is your visitor reception area.

As a rule, make sure your holding area is as presentable and functional as can be. Broken doors or windows speak volumes about the kind of maintenance you give your office, and by extension your business.

In this regard, devote time and attention to the upkeep of your office outside and inside. If you don’t, essential portions of your office building can easily be neglected. Without you knowing it, these areas could give your brand a bad name.

A good example here is the roof and the gutter system. With faulty gutters, water could fall off the sides of the office building and to customers walking around posing harm in the process. Before things come to a head, calling trained professionals to install a seamless gutter should be a wise decision on your part.

Showcase your Products

Nothing tells a story better than your products. Depending on the nature of your brand, showcasing your products in your interior design should be an effective technique. With but one glance, your product speaks volumes on your brand.

Pay Close Attention to Color Schemes

In this era when customers are sick of being talked to, customers crave a touch of artistry that captures them without a lengthy explanation. So, paying close attention to your office’s color scheme should be spot on.

Of course, one thing to consider is that your color scheme must relate to your brand. If the colors inclined with your brand are not outlandish, you may as well use them in decorating your office.

Similarly, you can use this for your staff’s office space. But choosing the right colors matters. Imagine you’re working under pressure and you see walls with bright red and other intense colors. Instead of calming, it just worsens your emotions. Also, if the core of your brand is artistry, then plan walls and plain colors will surely not suffice.

While it’s difficult to explain to each customer the nature of your business, your front office can help. A timely design can do the talking for you. It can promote your brand without you even saying a single word.

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