A Guide to USO Recycling

Man Y restaurants, diners, and other establishments and facilities like hospitals and malls choose to be part of the solution by using UCO recycling options. UCO (used cooking oil) is often transported, as the attached video shows, in drums designed for this purpose. If you are considering options like UCO recycling for your company or organization, however, you are likely to have a few questions. Here are a few things about UCO recycling that you may want or need to know before getting started on this worthy effort.

Video Source

To begin with, you want to choose a UCO recycling service that is qualified for the job of collecting and transporting this recycled product to a recycling facility. Services that transport UCO are required to have certain qualifications, such as an EPA Identification number for an oil transporter. Additionally, you may want to check reviews or references. Did this service leave a mess? Did they clean up? Were they professional? UCO is used in many different ways. From the manufacture of soap products to biodiesel fuel production, recycling UCO is a great idea. It is just important to understand how the process works and to work with reputable recycling services. Thank you for choosing to recycle and for being part of the solution.

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