What Your Bachelorette Party Says About You

Everything you surround yourself with says something about you. The way you dress speaks of your personality. Your choice of friends shows what you value and believe in. Even the way you take care of your family exhibits a side of your personality that you are not aware of. So., imagine throwing the grandest and biggest bachelorette party everyone in your circle has ever seen. What does it say about you?

Nowadays, it is perfectly okay for the bride to schedule her own party. Whereas before that is the duty of the maid- or matron-of-honour, brides lately see this event as a chance to treat their close friends and relatives to a night they will not forget. After all, who better knows what kind of party the bride wants but the bride herself?

person on a yacht

A Grand Party Aboard a Yacht

Is there anything grander than hiring a hen’s party boat? You can tour along the harbour or moor the boat in the middle of the river to a party where no one can hear you. Having your bachelorette party aboard a yacht means you want everyone to have a grand time. It means you care about treating them to a party that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. After all, besides the fact that you have the money for it, who wants to spend that much to treat her friends? Renting a yacht is no small feat, so this speaks of your commitment for everyone to have the best time.

It also shows that you are used to lavish lifestyles. Partying aboard a yacht isn’t just about renting the boat. It’s also about having the right food, drinks, music, and people. You’re someone who can go around the yacht to entertain everyone, regardless of whether they’re your best friends, workmates, or acquaintances.

A Spa Party

Next up is a spa party. Now, everyone loves to go to the spa. Brides usually do it a week or a few days before the wedding so that they can have that glowing skin they need for the big day. Those who want to make it more fun bring the whole gang with her. Whether it’s a one-day spa or a weekend spa party, what matters is that you’re treating your friends to a relaxing day. It shows that you care about their well-being. It also means you are more attuned to these small and intimate gatherings rather than a large party with a cocktail bar.

A Cooking Class

You can also choose to enrol your friends in a cooking class for a day. The purpose of this class is to teach the basics of cooking to a small group of people. Afterwards, you can all enjoy the food that you prepared. This is a great bonding experience for the bride and her friends. It shows that the bride wants to learn a few tricks in the kitchen or perhaps, show everyone how she has mastered certain dishes.

An Out-of-town Trip

How about a staycation just outside town? You can cross states and have a party in an Airbnb somewhere. How about a cabin in the woods? Sure, it sounds like the location for a scary movie, but with enough precaution, you can all have the time of your lives cooped up inside a log cabin, watching your favourite TV shows and munching on a variety of snacks you brought. This shows that the bride is a homebody. She values comfort and wants to spend time in a homey environment.

A Cultural Tour

If the bride loves culture, then expect to go on museum-hopping with her. There are a lot of cultural places you might have never visited in your own town or city. Make a list of these places and have your best girls tag along with you. In fact, brides can reserve a museum at night and go on a private tour of the facilities. Of course, this comes at a cost, but you’ll only get to do this once in your life.

A Road Trip

Finally, if you haven’t gone on a coast-to-coast road trip by yourself or with your friends, your bachelorette party might be the best excuse for it. Rent a recreational vehicle if you’re going with many of your friends and take turns driving to your destination. Along the way, play games, share stories, and reminisce about your life as a single woman. You will learn a lot about yourself and your friends on this trip. This kind of bachelorette party shows the fun and adventurous side of the bride.

The party you want for yourself says many things about who you are and who you think your friends are. Remember that this should not be the last time you will have fun. Marriage isn’t something so dreadful that you’ll never get to enjoy yourself again. Instead, think of your bachelorette party as a celebration of a life that will never be the same again.

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