Back Pain: 4 Noteworthy Studies You Should Remember

Do you suffer from back pain? You should know that you are not alone. It is a common problem that affects many people in America. Here are some interesting statistics and studies about back pain that you should be aware of:

   1. Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability globally.

Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes of disability around the world? Studies show that at any given point in time, about 540 million people are experiencing back pain. But it is the low back pain that is the most common problem.

What that means is that if you are experiencing back pain, you should not let anyone downplay how you are feeling. Not even your healthcare service providers should do so. The pain is not in your imagination. It is a serious global problem that you should take very seriously.

   2. Back pain results in hundreds of millions of lost workdays

man with back painBack pain can become so bad that it prevents people from working. Statistics show that back pain has resulted in 264 million workdays lost each year.  That is a lot of lost productivity that has a considerable impact on the national economy.

But on a personal level, that number has implications for you. If you are an entrepreneur running your own business, it means that back pain can cause you to lose money. Every time your productivity goes down, it means you are not creating products or providing services at the same level. That indicates your business is inefficient, thus losing revenues.

So when you notice that your or your employees’ productivity levels have reduced, you should re-think things. Consider back pain as a possible cause of lost productivity. It could be that the working conditions are contributing to that pain.

For example, the chair that you sit on every day may not be providing enough lumbar support. Your working posture could also be an issue. If you work from a physical office, you can ask the company to give ergonomic chairs for everyone. But you have more flexibility when working from home. You can find the right outdoor hanging swing chair with excellent lumbar support that is designed to relieve pressure from your back. Then you can work comfortably with minimal pain.

   3. Many adults with back pain also have poor health

Studies show that 25% of adults with back pain also have poor health. This includes both poor mental and physical health.

You need to realize that back pain can influence how you feel in other ways. It can also be an indication that something else is wrong with your body. It would be wise for you to fix the source of the problem that is causing the pain. That may mean losing weight or getting professional help to address possible injuries. A psychotherapist may also be instrumental in helping you work through your pain and dealing with it.

   4. Back pain may be fueling the opioid crisis

Reports show that doctors usually use opioids to treat back pain. Yet, there are questions about how effective this kind of treatment is for lower back pain.

If you are worried about becoming an addict, you need to find alternative ways of treating back pain. It would be prudent for you to see a professional who can get to the root of your back problem so that you can eliminate it. Otherwise, you may fall victim to opioid addiction, which can be fatal.

Do not take back pain lightly. Knowing that half a billion people suffer from this problem worldwide in any given year should alarm you. You should take steps to address the cause of the problem and find ways of relieving the pain. Some solutions can be as simple as getting that right chair to use while working; others may need surgery. But you will not be comfortable until you address the problem head-on.

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