Important Things You Need to Know as a New Car Owner?

In this time of the pandemic, every household must have a mode of transportation so that the person who goes out to buy necessities has less contact with people who may carry and spread the virus, which explains the significant increase in the number of people who purchase motorcycles, electronic bikes, and especially cars. First-time car owners unfamiliar with their purchases and have no one to teach them will be prone to accidents and rapid vehicle damage.

To ensure the vehicle’s longevity, one must follow some steps or procedures to maintain or even lengthen its lifespan, or you can consult reliable companies such as Seven Smart Auto. It is essential to have a few hacks to aid new car owners in avoiding confusion and difficulties when driving their vehicles. Here are some car hacks to guide new car owners:

Tint the windows

Tint the windows of your car to avoid direct UV rays. A newly purchased automobile usually does not come with tinted windows. Without the tinted glass, you may experience direct rays of sunlight into your eyes, causing issues and possibly an accident while driving.

Get waterproof window coating

In the current situation, global warming is occasionally affecting the environment, and being prepared for this scenario is essential. An excellent waterproof window coating will help you see when driving in heavy rain without using distracting wipers, as well as remove and prevent acid rain stains on your car windows.

Use baking soda

A lot of people enjoy long road trips and casual drives around the city. Because of this, it is common for car owners to eat inside their cars, which leads to the smell of the food remaining inside. Even the smell of pets may stick to the seats. To address this, use baking soda to eradicate foul odors from inside the automobile. Baking soda naturally absorbs odors and is also simple to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Get a hand-held vacuum cleaner

It is easy for dust and other small dirt to infiltrate the car, especially if you live in an area with a hot and windy climate. Fur may also stick on the carpet and seats for those who have pets. Purchasing a hand-held vacuum cleaner is excellent for quick cleaning of automobile seats and vents. A hand-held vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning the little areas of a car that may retain dust. Dust must be removed so that it does not pollute the air and air conditioning inside the vehicle.

Apply tire sealant

Even if your automobile is new, it can be harmed by sharp rocks and nails on the road that may, in turn, damage the quality of your wheels. To prevent this, you should apply tire sealant to it to not easily penetrate when going over nails and sharp stones.

Keep a portable air pump

air pump concept

It is inevitable for one to get a flat tire in the middle of the road, especially during long drives in areas with uneven and rocky roads. Having a portable air pump is essential to avoid getting stranded in the middle of the road with a busted tire. It will also help you make sure your driving experience is smooth.

Start the car engine first.

To save your battery from draining faster, you should turn on the car engine first before the air conditioner. If the car motor is turned off, the air conditioning will eat your battery rather than your fuel, and if your battery dies down, your car will not start for a few hours and will eat up your time and patience.

Keep a connecting plug wire

Make sure to secure a connecting plug wire with an alligator clip in the trunk of your automobile. When your car’s battery has been depleted, this connecting plug wire can be used. You will connect the connecting plug wire in your battery to another car’s battery so that you may be able to recharge and start your vehicle.

Slow down

There is nothing one can do when rain suddenly pours down in the middle of driving at night. Given the peril of driving in the dark, much more with pouring rain, it is advisable to slow down and turn on your headlights to avoid accidents for yourself and damage to your new car.

Always store water

There are moments when the car engine suddenly heats up because of using it for too long or even because of the hot sun. It is essential always to have water in your car to aid you in situations like this. Pouring water into your radiator is the best remedy, so make sure to store water.

Taking care of a new car will prolong the longevity of the car. It will last you a lot of years. Always make sure to change oils and check your battery frequently, to avoid any inconvenience.

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