Why You Should Continue Onboarding Employees During the Holidays

At the end of the year, some employers decide to stop hiring people for all non-essential positions. However, smart business leaders tend to maximize the hiring gap that other companies often overlook. Usually, these key employees are virtual consultants and staff who work by the hour or by the month, or even longer eventually.

Additionally, this time of the year is ideal for filling the positions you need before the break. Although most companies do hire during this season, there are five reasons why you should take action and hire people before the year ends, as opposed to the traditional recruitment freeze.

Maximize the Year-end Benefits

Employees tend to think about where they want or ought to be before the year ends, and some of them experience introspection, questioning their sense of progress. On the one hand, others simply think of their financial responsibilities, like finding a reliable insurance company, paying off their mortgage loan, and saving on utility bills.

The end of the year always has a different impact on people. However, it is always the time of the year when people allocate funds and resources to prepare for the next year. Usually, it is also that time when working professionals evaluate their current positions in work and life. It simply means that many specialists are often looking for new opportunities they can venture to for the following year.

Currently employed or not, most applicants are already considering their options and are driven by the need to find a better workplace or company to work for. Their application to a company is then well-thought instead of fresh graduates who are only looking for jobs because they need to. Certified professionals would be open to remote work opportunities this time of the year.

Flexible and Open Interview Schedules

Applicants tend to face fewer responsibilities during these days. There is this break-feels swirling already with the upcoming Christmas break. In addition, currently employed applicants have back-to-back parties and can easily slip out to conduct interviews between family dinners. Another great advantage is that you would have more time to choose a perfect candidate during the break.

More Time to Screen Candidates

3 employees interviewing a candidate wearing glasses

When you choose to screen and prevent applicants during this off-hiring season, it allows you more time to consider every factor you are looking for in a candidate. It is because there would be a large pool of virtual staff at your disposal, and you would not have to be pressured to hand out a job offer before you are even sure. During the holiday season, most working professionals are not in the same tight spot in job applications compared to other working months of the year. Applicants even know what they are signing up on and understand that they are not likely to get updates until after Christmastime. Hence, it gives hiring managers and business leaders the perfect opportunity to find the right candidate with the most qualified set of skills to do the job.

A Chance to Promote Internal Growth

When corporate opportunities arise in a work environment, there is a chance for employers and business leaders to promote growth within the organization. Think of it, what is the best time to promote someone? It’s during the holidays, of course.

When you hire new employees, you still need someone reliable onboard who already knows and understands your corporate culture and processes. Thus, when you hire new talent, you can be boosting the morale of your existing ones by giving them new responsibilities, showing them that you value and trust them.

Jumpstart 2022

Why put your gearshift to neutral this Christmas break? When you hire new talents before the year ends, you will be able to start the new one on time and properly. Your new team could even be there throughout the holiday season and could be transitioning early. After a few weeks or so, your business process is all set again, and you will be ready to be on your fifth gear by the start of January.

The Bottom Line

Hiring people during the holiday season does not seem like a great idea. After all, you can probably think that you can still wing it and hold it off until next year. However, you would be sleeping on the following benefits. As a business leader, you have to chance to be time-efficient, cost-effective, and productive. Who can pass that up?

Finding the right people to work for you should not have a specific timetable or season. If you happen to find yourself needing a specialist, do not wait up until the following year. Do it now, and do not let the illusion of the holidays stop you from scaling your business and innovating growth.

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