Daycare Website: Content and Design Improvements to Attract Parents

Parents turn into detectives when scouting the best daycare for their children. With society’s reliance on the internet, they’ll likely narrow their options online before visiting your facility. So, take the time to evaluate your website. In an industry like yours, aesthetics isn’t your only selling point. Parents look for certain things you might not be addressing.

Add a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours create a good first impression. These send a message to parents that their convenience matters to you and that you’re proud of your establishment.

Since safety is one of the primary concerns of parents, you can use the virtual tour as an opportunity to assure them that your daycare doesn’t only look good but also structurally sound. They should feel at ease with your facility. After all, they’ll leave their children with you for forty hours a week or more, depending on their schedule.

Which elements should you include in the virtual tour? If you installed compact laminate partitions in your bathrooms, broadcast them. Parents care that you use fireproof and water-resistant materials that don’t corrode easily. The same applies to your lead-free paint and anti-slip toy equipment. Sell the investment you’ve made for their children’s safety.

Introduce Your Workers

Dedicating a page to your staff helps establish trust with parents. Hire a photographer and streamline the aesthetic of each photo to exude professionalism. Clever, quality and personalised “about us” page helps parents feel they’re dealing with real people. This website improvement enables you to build a connection with your clients before they even drop by your daycare.

Any parent would also want an assurance that they’re leaving their children in the care of people trained for the job. Take this chance to inform them that you hire qualified workers. You can do this by including a brief introduction beside each photo that lists your staff’s related credentials.

Include photos of you working as a team or any training your staff attends together to improve the quality of service. There’s no such thing as “too impressive” when dealing with eagle-eyed parents.

Communicate Your Discipline Policy

Daycare sitter reading a book to kids

Choosing to be transparent about the values and practices of your daycare connects you to the right clients. It’s frustrating to deal with parents who disagree with your system when their children are already enrolled. When you communicate your discipline policy online, you reduce the likelihood of future conflicts.

There’s no need to present everything in detail. Create a summary of your general approach to discipline and back it up with any research that supports your beliefs. Share certain methods like time-outs and where they go to do this, as well as for how long.

How do you handle disruptive behaviour? What about fights and bullying? People have a wide range of views about these matters. As a professional in your field, you need to explain your practices with authority and compassion to convince parents that you’re competent in what you do.

It’s easy to over-sell your service online and disappoint clients in real life. While it’s essential to make your website appealing, make sure that it sticks close to reality. The best marketing practices you can employ is to remain truthful at all times while performing with excellence.

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