First Impressions Matter: Entering a Market the Right Way

One of the biggest challenges any entrepreneur will face is the first few months of the business. The main goal will be to survive and, later on, thrive. There are a few factors that determine the chances of a business in its early operating stage. The most important of these factors would be the marketing of the product or service.

You must have heard of advertisement experts selling what people did not know they wanted. There are different methods used to get customers’ attention, each working at a profound psychological level. Some of these methods affect the product or service pricing, the design, and offline and online marketing.


There are many pricing strategies you can adopt as your introductory market price. With the product or service you plan to sell, you might have an idea of how much you are willing to sell it for. This value must agree with how much people are willing to pay for it. Setting the right price in the early stages of your venture can determine how receptive the market will be to your product.

An example of this is penetrative pricing. Some businesses sell their products at low prices to undercut the competition in the market. Those looking for an alternative to the current options might be more willing to try the new product or service if it is cheaper. The downside only arises if some members of your market believe that less expensive products or services justify a lower quality.

You can always play around with the price of what you are selling. You can even start low and sell high later on. Or vice versa. What matters is your customer acquisition at the very beginning. The payback period will always take time to reach; you should devise a price plan to get there no matter which price point you choose.

Interior and Exterior Designs

In the latest film Cruella, the titular character got her big break in the fashion industry by accidentally designing a window display that piqued the interest of many passersby. First impressions are everything in the marketing world. As soon as your shop opens on the street, people will start forming opinions about what you offer.

The interior and exterior design of a shop can inform the customer of several things. One of these is the attention to detail and the enthusiasm with which the entrepreneur approaches their venture. Improvements made during your time in the neighborhood can indicate that you are always looking for better alternatives from what you currently have. It shows that you are willing to change for something greater.

For instance, if you took up an establishment with old windows, using a window replacement service to ameliorate things in your shop can present a thriving business, as well as a budding entrepreneur. You will also save money on electricity if you can get natural lighting to work for you.

young entrepreneur

Opening Day Deals

Similar to penetrative pricing, incorporating special sales into your opening day can help undercut the competition. It can be included in your customer acquisition costs since it will encourage more people to come and check out your products and services compared to their routine routes. You can even convert the loyal customers of others by giving them a grand opening day experience at your store.

This is where the deals go beyond special offers. Customer service can also be a determining factor in how successful your opening day will go. Ensure that your staff is just as excited as you are to open and have protocols to answer any question that customers may have. When you show clients that you can anticipate their needs, they will definitely prefer purchasing from your business because it will make things easier later on.

Digital Marketing

Generating word of mouth can be a lot easier nowadays as you can use your networks to help with digital marketing. Social media makes it a lot easier for businesses to get the attention they need and provide their customers with timely responses online. Try getting a team on board to help you achieve the publicity you aim for. If you want to go viral or gather clicks on your website, you need to be able to catch their attention with a solid marketing strategy.

The first few months are usually your business’ make or break moment. Getting people interested in something they are not familiar with is tricky, making brand recognition all the more important. Keep some of these in mind before you enter the market to stay ahead of the competition.

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