Expanding Your Living Space as Your Family Grows

Once you get married, one of the first things you would probably do is build or buy a house. If this the case, you would normally start with a one- or- two-bedroom place with all the needed areas (kitchen, dining room, living room, etc.) and maybe a porch in front or a patio with a small garden. This house would occupy a relatively small portion of the entire lot since living space is just what two people would need.

As time passes, however, you are going to have kids who will soon grow up. Pretty soon, they either want their own private space or a place to entertain their friends. What was once sufficient living space before no longer is. At this point, you have one of two options available: (1) Buy or build a bigger house, or (2) expand the living space of the existing house.

Among the two options, expanding the living space is the better one, for the following reasons:

  1. Getting a bigger place in the same area is more expensive.
  2. Getting a bigger place in an area where land is cheaper will mean major adjustments for you, your spouse, and your kids.

Ideas for Expanding the Living Space

living room interiorThere are three ways to expand the living space of your home, namely: (1) Relocate storage spaces, (2) Build vertically, and/or (3) Build horizontally.

  1. Relocate storage spaces. You can free up living space by removing storage spaces like cabinets, closets, etc. You can then build overhead shelves, bed platforms with drawers, and cabinets under the stairs.
  2. Build vertically. There are many ways to build vertically to expand living space. For example, you can build a mezzanine in your living room to create an extra bedroom. If the foundation of your house can support it, building an additional floor or attic would significantly increase living space. Alternatively, you can also build a basement to add a guest room or game room/party room.
  3. Build horizontally. Expansion need not be vertical, especially if you have vacant land on your property. Building horizontally by, for example, knocking down a wall to increase the living room area, or relocating the kitchen area to increase the dining area, is more practical because you have less structural issues to consider. One great horizontal building idea if you have a patio is to install an insulated roof over it so that you can have a bigger area for entertaining guests or even hang out without having to worry about exposure to the elements. The insulated patio roofing cost will be well worth it simply by considering the increase in living space.

The need for living space increases when time passes. Kids get older (and bigger), and whatever available living space you have will not be enough. You do not have to find another place to accommodate this need. You will have to plan the best strategy to achieve this. Among the available options, increasing the utility of an existing space in your home like the patio by installing an insulated roof over it looks like the first one you should look at because it will not cause any “downtime” in the house, i.e., life goes on in the rest of your house while this is being done. Talk to a reliable contractor to get the insulated patio roofing cost, and you may find that this cost is more practical than the other options available.

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