Tactics to Increase Foot Traffic in Brick-and-mortar Store

The authorities already administered nearly 300 million doses of the vaccine, which is good news to businesses across the country. This resulted in the reopening of businesses as the economy is gradually going back to its pre-pandemic level. But the situation also becomes challenging to small businesses as they try to increase foot traffic into their physical locations.

Increasing foot traffic is important to increase sales and gain higher revenues for the business. It also allows the business to see any issues that it needs to address, particularly when it comes to customer management. Here are the things a business should do to improve foot traffic into its brick-and-mortar store.

Use Location Data

Analyzing location data is important before a business opens a physical store. Location data is the information collected that shows the geographical location of devices that use GPS. Analyzing the data allows a business to know if the area where it wants to set up a physical store has a good volume of foot traffic.

While foot traffic may increase if the store opens in that location, it is always best to use the data to one’s advantage. Due to this, the business should pick an area that already has high foot traffic to take advantage of the location to bring business into the store.

Maintain the Storefront

Another thing that business owners should do is to keep the storefront well-maintained and clean. A well-maintained storefront attracts the attention of people passing by. Once the storefront grabs their attention, they’ll likely want to check out what the store offers and go in.

open signage

To ensure the storefront is clean, business owners should make sure to sweep the front of the store every day. They can also keep the decorations and paint job updated and refreshed throughout the whole year. Business owners can use microfiber towels to clean the windows without damaging them. Compared to other cleaning towels, the material does not scratch nor scrape the windows on the storefront.

Additionally, the business owner should also check the store from the perspective of a potential customer. This means he should go out of the store and take a look at it from the outside. He should also assess the walls, doors, and windows to know if they need repairs or replacement. If repairs and replacement are necessary, the business owner should look for professionals to work on these repairs.

Set Up Curbside Displays

Setting up a curbside display can also enhance the curb appeal of the physical store. Putting a display board is a simple yet effective way of doing this. Putting a funny message that can catch the eye of customers is a good idea. It may even appeal to them so much that they will go inside the store to check out what the business is offering.

The business can also display some of its products, which is ideal for customers keen on getting the products. Adding color to the display can also attract attention and even get free social media mileage if people post images of it on their social media accounts. This will allow the store to reach markets that it does not normally reach using conventional promotional activities.

List the Store on Online Directories

The business owner can also list the store in local online directories, such as Google My Business. Many of these online directories are free, but they offer a lot of benefits. For instance, they allow business owners to give potential clients access to the business’s operating hours, address, contact details, and website. Some directories also allow people to leave positive testimonials that can increase the trust level for new customers.

Businesses can also add photos and virtual tours of the store to give potential customers an idea of what to expect when they visit the store. Its products even come out when a user searches relevant keywords about the business.

Retrain the Employees

After a year of restrictions and quarantines, some employees may need retraining in handling customers at the store. Business owners should make sure their employees can provide good customer service to increase the chances of converting potential customers into paying customers. They should know how to interact with different types of customers and demonstrate proper decorum while they are in the store. The employees should also aim to leave a good impression on the customers even if they do not buy anything. A good impression will encourage these customers to return to the store and buy something in the future.

Increasing foot traffic in a physical store may be challenging, but it is not impossible if business owners know what to do.

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