Home-based Business Ideas You Can Start Today

You can find hundreds of business ideas if you scour the internet. Some require huge capital, while others only need a bit of imagination and sheer hard work. If you are currently sitting at home thinking of ways on how you can generate income, here are several business ideas that we have curated for you. Read on and decide for yourself which venture will bring out the hidden entrepreneur in you.

Tap on the Niche Market

If you are having a hard time thinking of what product or type of service to focus on, you can consider tapping on the endless possibilities of niche marketing. Generally speaking, a niche market is designed to target a specific audience and potential client pool. For example, instead of selling shoes for both men and women as well as kids, you can focus on offering products that for plus-sized women in particular.

By doing this method, your shop will be considered a go-to place for a specific type of product. Every type of market has its particular definition, but as far as niche marketing goes, you can define it based on several aspects:

Geographic – People in a particular neighborhood or city
Demographics – Education level, income level, age, and gender
Psychographics – Attitudes, interests, and values
Price – Discounted, moderate, and luxury
Level of quality – economical, premium, and handmade

Choosing to focus on one niche allows you to pay close attention to a specific need. By doing so, it’ll be easier for you to work on solidifying and building your brand.

Computer Repair Service

Almost everyone nowadays owns a laptop or desktop computer. These electronic gadgets are now in demand more than ever because they are now being used for work-at-home jobs and online education. Because of that, there has been an undeniable demand for computer repair services. People in your area will need a go-to person or shop where they can bring their broken devices.

Some repair companies will require their technician to have a college degree, but since you are going to be your own boss in a start-up business, having above-average knowledge about cleaning, repairing or replacing software and hardware, removing virus or malware, updating of firewall, and recovering data will help you kick start your career.

woman washing a car

Car Wash Business

People drive cars, and they need a place where they can have their vehicles cleaned if they don’t have the time to do it themselves. You might be thinking that you need huge capital, expensive equipment, and commercial space to start this type of business. The truth is, you can begin a small-scale car wash business right at your own garage. At entry-level, you would only need the following:

  • Shade cover – USD 150
  • Signage – USD 75
  • Promotion flyers – USD 50
  • Industrial dry and wet vacuum – USD 100
  • Window squeegees – USD 10 per piece
  • Buckets – USD 10 per piece
  • Chamois – USD 10 each
  • Water supply – roughly USD 20 per month
  • Soap – USD 20

If you love everything about cars, then you could also throw a detailing service on the side. You can partner up with an existing service or even be the neighborhood one-stop shop when it comes to cleaning and auto detailing services. The basic items that you will need for this extra service include:

  • WD 40 – USD 50
  • Pressure wash cleaning equipment (for cleaning undercarriages and engines) – USD500
  • Chrome polish – USD 25
  • Leather restorer – USD 30
  • Car wax – USD 25
  • Water repellent – USD 35
  • Car protectant – USD 50
  • Air freshener USD 20

Sell Hand-Made Products

If you are a natural artist, you can consider starting an online shop for your handmade products. There are endless possibilities for this type of business. You can offer multiple products at the same time and be a one-stop-shop or focus on one particular product. Either way, this business will cover all the things that you created yourself.

If you are not looking for a full-time business, you can consider making a profit out of special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. You can also create personalized gifts or giveaways for special life events, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and christenings.

Be an Influencer

We are living in an era where people make a living out of sharing their everyday life with the rest of the world. If you are into creating blogs, podcasts, making videos, or taking pictures, you can actually generate income out of your hobby. Currently, the largest social media platforms being used by globally known influencers are:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • TikTok

To begin your content creator career, you have to think first about what type of audience you would like to target. After you have identified your audience, the next thing you need to do is to come up with a pool of ideas that would be interesting for them. Some content creators focus on games, while others make videos about food, current technology and gadgets, and other types of content that show their daily lives.

With just a blink of an eye, our whole way of life unexpectedly took a turn to what can be the darkest times of our generation. Though the world is changing at a rapid pace, and we have no option but to keep up. To you who is searching for ways to keep your head above the water, know that you have the resiliency to adapt to matter what.

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