Home Decor Ideas Where Words Just Fit

Who says that the word art home decor is an outdated design? Okay, a lot of people do. You might have seen plenty of “Live, Laugh, Love” memes that could make you think twice about putting any decoration that contains words in it. However, those people are not the ones designing your home. While it might be receiving hate, you cannot deny the impact that word art home decor could have on your day. Those quotes and statements act as a self-reminder, gathering the encouragement, inspiration, and support you need to overcome any obstacle in life.

Don’t let anybody tell you that the word art home decors have no place in a home because there are plenty of areas where they could shine. Here are a few spaces where your home design literally speaks to you in an impactful way.

Entry Points

“Welcome home” crosses your mind every time you return to your residential property after a long day of work. The stress you’ve collected for the entire time you are outside can take its toll on you, especially when you feel like you’ve encountered a string of bad days. There is no treatment better than knowing you can relax and rest once you arrive home.

You can emphasize the atmosphere by adding a welcome mat. The household item creates personality to your home, making your home feel cozier as if knowing that you had a long day. A simple sign that says “Hello” or “Welcome Home” might be enough, but you can also purchase those with designs and images in them.

The main door is not the only space for welcome mats. Your bathroom would also benefit from it, especially when the surface is always wet. A cautionary sign that says “Slippery When Wet” or “Wear Slippers” also serves as a functional piece rather than just creative decor. Posters and signs attached to the actual doors are also welcome ideas. Homeowners can play around with the words they use to serve as door labels, adding more personality to a lively home. You can visit doormat.net.au if you want cool and clever designs for your welcome mats.

couch with pillows


Pillows are personal household items that serve only one individual. Other people use your pillows in rare circumstances, but they are yours any time of the day. While it serves as a device to help you sleep, you can still get creative with it. You can find pillowcases are also excellent word art decors. If you have a personal motto or a favorite quote, you can find an existing piece or customize it.

The strategy also works with pillowcases in public spaces. The living room sofa and work chair could have pillows, allowing you to utilize word art home decor to its fullest. However, it can be inspiring to see those messages from time to time, and spreading them all over your private belongings at home is an ideal choice.

Home Office

The living room might be the most suitable place for word art home decor, but it can come across as tacky for your guests. Part of why it has such an undesirable reputation is that they do not offer much when it comes to design. The pieces that come with those words and art details might change their minds, but you might not want to touch upon the subject that much. You can insert the word art home decors in private spaces, particularly in areas where you need a boost of encouragement.

The home office is becoming a permanent fixture in homes, primarily because of the pandemic. Since you are working, stress comes along with it. You’d need a few words of encouragement for yourself, serving as massive post-it notes telling you to thrive and keep on grinding.

Kid’s Bedroom

Most word art decors aim to be inspirational for homeowners, but they can also serve as educational boosts. Kids can learn a lot from the things they see inside the house, and adding posters and word art decorations could be helpful in many ways. Parents can use those art pieces as a way to teach children how to pronounce words. There are also a few posters that remind kids of the home schedule, like playtime and bedtime. Filling the kid’s bedroom with those designs could be educational, one of the many reasons why word art home decors remain in style.

You are the homeowner, which means your preferences matter more than what your guests have to say. If you believe that word art decors should be in your home design, investing in them remains a worthy decision.


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