Effective Home Maintenance Services Marketing Strategies

Being a handyman is a solid business. It means you work for yourself, which is most people’s dream. But you have to think of ways you can take your business to another level. Marketing your business will not be hard if you can deliver many services like repairs, installations, and cleaning. Even if it’s a small business, you still need to be proactive about marketing.

Each business has its own requirements when it comes to marketing. Here is what you need to do to sell your maintenance services:

  1. Show Your Work Online

If you are a handyman, people will need to see what you can do first before hiring you. Displaying your work online will show your prospective clients what you are capable of. For you to compete with other reputable plumbers, you have to stand out. A solid online presence will create attention around your services. Anchor your advertising strategy with a website. Use great photos showing you at work and videos.

Remember to display all the services you offer, especially those you have specialized in. home maintenance is a bread industry, so you have to specify whether you deal with repairs, installations, cleaning, or all of them. The customers should know what they are getting when they book a session with you. You have to meet your potential clients where they are, and these days everyone is online.

  1. Stay In Touch

You cannot build a long client list if you don’t stay in touch. Find ways you can keep your clients close even when they do not need your services. You will be the first person they think of when they have an urgent maintenance job. Staying in touch is the difference between service providers that experience long-term success and those that are short-lived. Newsletters can help you with client retention. Get your client’s emails when they request your services so that you can send them weekly or monthly newsletters.

Seasonal deals are also beneficial; they will keep homeowners interested in your services for a long time. Things like roof repairs in the summer are very common, so people will be interested during the whole season if you offer such deals. Boosting customer retention will give you more profits and grow your business.

talking to a client

  1. Encourage Reviews

You will learn a lot from your customer’s feedback that will help you improve your services. Reviews are also advertisements of your services. Before people trust you as a reliable service provider, they will want to see testimonies from your current clients. When people have nothing but good things to say about you, more clients will start rolling in. But that means you also have to deliver top-tier services.

You can collect and share good reviews on your website or social media pages. That is why you need to have an online presence because if you don’t have social media handles or a website, there is nowhere to display the reviews. Reviews are very influential and will give you the power to control your reputation.

Don’t leave anything to chance; ask your clients to leave reviews about your services. If you can, include images of the clients to boost credibility. The other option is using online business review sites. It sounds scary, but it can be worth the risk.

  1. Earn and Display Your Certifications

Official pedigrees take customer trust to another level no matter the profession. Most home maintenance jobs need certification like plumbing or heating and cooling jobs. You are no exception, so if you don’t have property certifications, you should find a way to earn them. Once you have them, display them for the customers to see.

Certification shows you have a higher level of expertise, which is what every homeowner looks for. Learn the requirements you need to practice your services and get them all. Aside from displaying your certifications, you should also learn to spread the word about your services by word of mouth. Before you start luring clients online, begin with the homeowners around you. Go around and give people your contacts and tell them about your services.

Home maintenance is not a one-time thing, so if you find a way to market your services, your business will always flourish. Embrace both online and offline marketing. Ensure you are qualified to perform the maintenance services that you do. Try to retain clients so that you are not always looking for new ones. Come up with package deals and rewards for loyal customers to help attract more people.

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