Are You Cleaning Your Bathroom the Right Way?

Most of us often do our hygiene maintenance in our bathrooms. As we all know, maintaining good hygiene plays a huge role in keeping ourselves healthy. By keeping our bodies clean, we lessen our chances of getting illnesses that are caused by pathogens.

However, water is primarily present in our bathrooms. With that, some areas may contain a bit of moisture. If bathrooms aren’t well-maintained, this moisture may be how bacteria and other pathogens start to grow in our bathrooms, effectively putting us at risk of diseases. This is the very reason why you should always keep your bathrooms clean.

Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

Deep cleaning is the term used for extensive cleaning. This differs from your everyday maintenance cleaning. Deep cleaning usually takes more time and covers more areas that you would not typically clean. This makes sure that every spot in a room is well sanitized.

It would be best if you deep cleaned your bathroom every once in a while to stop the growth of pathogens in certain areas. This will also allow you to kill the ones that have already started to grow.

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

It’s best to start cleaning the ceilings first. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. After cleaning the ceiling, you can then progressively work your way down to the floors. This systematic way of cleaning will save you time and energy.

You can use all-purpose cleaners when wiping your floors and bathing area. If you feel like all-purpose cleaners aren’t enough to do the job, you can use bleach. Ensure to scrub the floors and walls to eradicate the grime that might be stuck in between the tiles. Also, do not forget to wipe down the areas that you often touch, such as tap knobs and door handles.

Do not forget to clean out areas that are hard to reach. After cleaning the appliances and furniture in your bathroom, make sure to clean out the areas behind and below them. This ensures that every spot in your bathroom is free from pathogens, including those areas that do not often see the light of day.


The Power of Bleach

Bleach is a powerful substance that kills plenty of microbes and bacteria. This inexpensive substance can effectively disinfect almost every non-porous surface, including your bathroom walls, countertops, and floors. Be sure to dilute the bleach with water before starting to disinfect.

To start cleaning your bathroom surfaces with bleach, make sure these surfaces are free from dirt and dust. You can start wiping surfaces with the solution using a towel. Do not forget to wipe or rinse these surfaces with water after wiping with the bleach solution.

Note that you must never mix bleach with any other cleaning liquid. This may cause a reaction that fumes that are harmful to the lungs. With that, it is best to keep your windows and doors open while cleaning to ensure good ventilation.

Using Powerful Tools

There are also tools and pieces of equipment that you can use to make your cleaning process faster and easier. Portable steam cleaners are one of the best tools to help you clean and disinfect your bathroom. These devices use steam to clean out dirt stuck on your surfaces. This is even useful for porous surfaces.

Keeping Your Bathroom Dry

Ultimately, you would want your bathroom to be as dry as it can be. Keeping it dry can help stop the spread of moisture around your bathroom. Practice the habit of drying off immediately after showering.

When you walk around immediately without drying off, water might go everywhere, including areas that are hard to reach. You can also install splash guards around your showering and bathing area to prevent water from spilling out.

Organizing Your Bathroom the Right Way

The final step to keeping a tidy bathroom is by organizing it. You can start by having designated areas for your toiletries. Practice the habit of putting things back in their designated areas after using them.

Also, make sure your countertops are free from any clutter. It will look less messy when things are hidden away in compartments. You can use the cabinets on your  bathroom vanity sets to store things that you may need.

It is best that you deep clean once every two weeks. But even if you don’t need to deep clean as often, it is your responsibility to clean your bathrooms every day. Light cleaning can help your deep cleaning be a much easier process than it should be.

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