How to Keep Your Dog From Doing the Number Two on Your Landscaped Yard

Dogs are man’s best friend. They can be fiercely loyal and bark too much. Yet, there is no way you can resist their innocent charm and their furriness. Dogs can be a good companion and won’t judge you when other people do.

But whether we admit it, they can be annoying sometimes, especially when they poop in places where they shouldn’t. Worse, you find them pooping on your well-groomed yard delicately done by professional commercial landscaping in Meridian. This kind of poopy situation may question the homeowner’s love for their pet dogs.

However, this should not always be the case. It is possible to keep your pet dog away from your well-maintained landscaped garden. Not only can it help protect your yard, but you can also avoid regretting any negative actions towards your dog after your emotions got a hold of you.

Keep your pet off the lawn (and keep you sane as well)

There are ways to prevent your pet dog from turning your lawn area into a doggy restroom. Here are some suggestions to keep your beloved pet off the lawn and maintain your sanity, as well.

Install a barrier.

This step is perhaps one of the most logical solutions out there. You can erect a fence around your garden or make your own using wood or any material of your choice. Or hire a carpenter or a professional fence builder to help you with the job.

For those who do not like the idea of having a fence in their yard, you can plant shrubs that will serve as your alternative barrier. Also, you can add gravel stones on the ground so that your dog won’t be enticed to walk in your yard ever again.

Use their sense of smell to deter them from pooping on your lawn.

One way is by using another brand or type of fertilizer on your lawn. Most dogs do not like unfamiliar scents, so they will avoid stepping on your yard when they smell these. When your dog does poop, make sure to dispose of it properly, or the smell will reach inside the house.

Use dog repellents.

You can try concocting your dog repellent by using olive oil, almond oil, or garlic. Some use chili powder or cayenne powder, although many dog advocates do not favor it. They consider these powders as inhumane ingredients to use as they may irritate the dog’s nose and even cause potential adverse effects. These repellents can give dogs a hint where they shouldn’t go.

Potty train your dog.

Dogs are smart creatures more than we can imagine. That is why you shouldn’t underestimate their ability to learn new things, including potty-training. Set an area outside the house where they can poop, and teach them not to do so in other locations such as your yard or inside your home.

Don on a leash

For instance, you can use a sprinkler to deter your dog from pooping in a restricted area of your property. Some lawn sprinklers are activated through motion sensors and lights. Your pet will realize that that area with a sprinkler is a place to avoid.

Training a dog not to do the number two business anywhere they want requires a lot of patience and perseverance. However, this is the best thing you can do to avoid unsightly poop from ruining your yard. At the same time, your dog will be well-trained, and you and your pet can bond better.

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