Increasing Gym Membership Retention during a Pandemic

When the pandemic started, gyms and fitness centers closed since people avoided going out to prevent the spread of the virus. Many of these health centers were still able to connect with their customers through virtual fitness classes.

But after they reopened, many fitness enthusiasts opted not to renew their gym memberships since they found affordable ways in staying healthy. The situation made it challenging for gyms and fitness centers to stay open since they rely mainly on membership fees for their revenue.

The introduction of digital products that offer an experience similar to exercising in the gym also added to the challenges that gyms and fitness centers have to deal with. This makes it essential for these health centers to find ways in increasing gym membership retention during the pandemic.

Here are some things that these gyms and fitness centers can do to encourage their members to stay with them:

Keep the Facility Safe

Gyms can ease the anxiety of their members about their health and safety when they exercise by ensuring that the facility is safe for them to use. They should disinfect the equipment regularly, ensure the observance of social distancing, and increase air circulation in the facility. The gym should also screen their employees regularly to ensure they are healthy before they start working.

Being conscious of everyone’s health also means that the gym should encourage their employees to get vaccinated. It will add another level of protection for them and the customers when they enter the gym. The gym should also stay updated about any guidelines that the authorities release, especially with the emergence of new variants of the virus.

Upgrade the Equipment

gym equipment

Aside from implementing safety measures in the facility, gyms can also upgrade their equipment to make them appealing to their members. Instead of focusing on regular gym equipment, they can set up a functional training area where the members can perform different types of exercises. This increases the versatility of the facility and appeals to fitness enthusiasts who are not keen on regular gym equipment.

Adding a sled track is also a good way to increase the appeal of the gym to health buffs. Setting up workout zones also facilitates workouts and allows the members to maintain social distancing when they exercise. When acquiring new equipment, the gym should consider maintenance as a factor, which allows the gym to easily disinfect the equipment.

Gyms with a swimming pool can apply pool deck coatings to make using the pool comfortable, especially if it’s located outside. The coating can reduce deck surface temperature by as much as 30 percent, which makes the pool usable at any time of the day. These upgrades may encourage people to go back to the gym so they can achieve their health and fitness goals.

Use Innovative Technology

Since gyms and fitness centers are already planning to upgrade their equipment, they should also integrate technology into their system. They can consider using contactless transactions for their members to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

They can inform their customers to pay for their fees using their credit cards or through digital payment. The gym can also send the receipts through email. The members can also check themselves in when they enter the gym.

Additionally, gyms and fitness centers can also integrate virtual fitness classes into the membership plan. With this, the gym can increase membership even if the member does not exercise at the gym.

Enhance the Gym Experience

Enhancing the gym experience means getting personal with the members and show them that the gym and fitness center is sincere about helping them stay healthy in the middle of the pandemic. They should ensure that the members feel that their gym cares for their well-being.

Gyms can request additional information to help them personalize their service to their members. They can also send personalize birthday greetings through their email address. Offering motivational videos that encourage the members to attain realistic goals can also entice the members to continue working out at the gym.

Get Reviews and Feedback

One way for gyms and fitness centers to know the areas where they can improve is to get feedback from their members. Getting reviews and feedback allows the members to provide constructive criticism and recommend changes in the facility.

It also allows the gym to work on improving its facilities to suit the needs of its members. With this, the gym can encourage members to retain their membership and continue working out at the gym.

The membership fee is the main source of income for gyms and fitness centers. Therefore, they should implement changes and focus on increasing membership retention to ensure they stay afloat during the pandemic.

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