5 Reasons Why Landscaping is Important for Business Offices

A year ago, Amazon released the design of its upcoming “helix” headquarter in northern Virginia. Aside from the unique and futuristic design, one stand out is the addition of trees and grass that the company says will serve as a twisting urban vertical forest leading up to the top.

The shape is said to represent the innate connection between humans and nature.

Amazon is not the only company that has made sure to add greenery as part of office design. The headquarters of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are all also covered in plants, highlighting the importance of landscaping when it comes to office buildings. These companies aren’t just doing it for aesthetics. There are a ton of benefits office behind landscaping. In fact, it might contribute to the future success of the business.

beautiful landscaping

Here’s why.

It Reflects Great Attention to Detail

It shows that you’re professional and take your business seriously. Of course, landscaping is not only seen as a sign of professionalism but also as a symbol of how serious companies are when it comes to business. A landscaped building shows that the company is taking everything into account, including the exterior of the building.

It’s Creates a Welcoming Environment

It provides a welcoming environment for clients and guests. Creating a corporate landscape design shows potential employees where they will be working and creates an environment that can help potential customers feel more comfortable and excited about doing business with the company.

It Increases Employee Productivity

Employees are less stressed working in a landscaped environment. While working in an office, looking out the window at a beautifully landscaped environment helps make the work area feel comfortable and more pleasant. It promotes better mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. For employees that may have to work in large office buildings with minimal windows or walls, having a beautiful landscape to look at and spend their time in can help them recover from work related stress and be recharged for the rest of the day.

It’s Great for Marketing

It adds value to the business. Imagine having a business, office, or product with no signs of landscaping. There are so many opportunities to create stunning landscapes for companies that will help them stand out in the market.

People will want to visit, and posts their photos and videos to social media, generating buzz online.

How to Maintain a Beautiful Office Landscape All Year Long

To ensure a business landscape looks great all year long, offices should hire a landscape company. Professionals can design a space that feels relaxing yet still formal. The landscaping experts can also help create a theme or concept that the office is going for. For example, if the company wants to create an environment that makes people feel they are working in nature, landscape experts can make suggestions on how to achieve that look.

What’s important is having a landscape where people can spend their time in. They can eat outdoors during their lunch breaks, have meetings and drink their morning coffees under the sunshine, or walk to stretch their legs in the middle of the day. That said, the landscape should have chairs and tables, shaded areas, and walkways in addition to flowers, shrubs, grass, and trees. The company can hire paving services to have pathways installed, or have retaining walls built for small hills.

The landscape design can also create opportunities to hold events in the space outside of the office building. While there’s no obligation to use the area, it does give employees more places they can gather and hold company functions if they want to.

An office garden, much like a residential yard, will require year-round maintenance. Trees will need to be trimmed, especially before the rainy and snowy seasons, and grass should be mowed. A commercial lawn care service will help with the upkeep of the green spaces, and will meet with clients to discuss maintenance needs.

Better yet, use native plants which are more hardy and requires less maintenance.

What a landscaped office makes for is convenience, comfort, and beauty that can contribute to the success of the business. Company leaders should consider how important it is to create an inviting environment for their employees, clients, and customers. They may even notice increased productivity as a result of allowing their employees an outdoor space where they can eat their lunch and take breaks from work. It can also serve as a marketing opportunity to promote the company, its products, and services.

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