Essentials You May Need While Living Abroad

The pandemic stopped international travel in its tracks after countries closed their borders to slow down the spread of the virus. But after the situation improved, people started traveling even with restrictions in some countries. Around three million Americans traveled after restrictions were lifted. The figure is lower compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Many Americans travel for pleasure. But some leave the country to study or work abroad. They live in their destination countries for several months or years. Due to this, they need some essential items to help them adjust to their new surroundings. If you are one of these people, you can ask relatives to send items to help you feel more at home. Here are some things you may need while living abroad.

A care package from home.

care package from home can be a lifesaver when you’re living abroad. It can help you feel connected to your family and friends and provide you with much-needed comfort during tough times.

Some essential items to include in your care package:

  • Snacks from home: Pack some of your favorite snacks to help tide over when you’re feeling homesick.
  • Toiletries: Don’t forget to pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other toiletries.
  • Photos: Include some pictures of your family and friends to help you feel connected to them.
  • Clothes: Pack a few comfortable clothes that will help you feel at home no matter where you are.
  • A notebook: Keep a journal or notebook to record your thoughts and experiences.
  • A map: A map of your new city or country can help you orient yourself and explore your new surroundings.
  • A guidebook: A good guidebook can be valuable when living in a new place. It can help you find restaurants, attractions, and other necessities.
  • A language dictionary: A language dictionary can be indispensable if you’re learning a new language.
  • An international phone card: An international phone card can help you stay in touch with your family and friends back home.

While you can buy some items in your destination country, bringing them with you from home can save you time and money. And more importantly, it can help you feel more comfortable and connected in your new surroundings.

If your supply of personal items from home runs out, you may have to ask your family to send the items your way. And if the package is delayed, you may even say, “send my parcel as soon as possible.” So, don’t forget to ask your family to send a care package your way before your supply runs out. Be sure to include some non-perishable items if they can’t find their favorite foods in the local stores.

A copy of their favorite book.

It can be nice to have something familiar to you while living in a foreign country. Bringing your favorite book can provide comfort and familiarity in an unfamiliar setting. Additionally, it can be a great way to meet new people and make friends. When you’re sharing your favorite book with someone, you automatically have something in common that you can talk about. It can also be a great way to learn more about the culture of the country you’re living in.

Reading a book also offers several health benefits, including reducing stress, improving sleep, and lengthening your lifespan. It can also help strengthen your brain, increase empathy, and build your vocabulary. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your mental health while living abroad, picking up a copy of your favorite book is a great option.

Daughter hugging her father before he leaves with the mother looking at them.

An updated list of all their family’s and friends’ contact information.

Bringing an updated contact list is essential to stay in touch with loved ones back home. So, make sure you have all the information you need. This way, you can easily send emails, make phone calls, or even video chat when you feel homesick.

When traveling, you must always have a current list of contacts in an emergency. This is especially true when traveling abroad. Without updated contact information, it can be difficult for friends and family to locate you in the event of an emergency.

Another time when having up-to-date contact information is essential is if you are ever involved in a natural disaster.

It’s also good to keep your contact information updated whenever your address or phone number changes. This way, you can ensure that everyone who needs to reach you can do so without difficulty.

Cell phone chargers

Cell phone chargers are essential for anyone living or traveling abroad. They allow you to stay connected with loved ones and keep up with work obligations, which can be critical in unfamiliar territory. Cell phone chargers can provide security and peace of mind by allowing you to quickly contact emergency services if needed.

These are just a few essential items you may need while living abroad. Be sure to ask for a care package from home to help you feel comfortable and loved in your new surroundings. With their support, you’ll be able to adjust quickly and enjoy your time abroad!

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