Making Improvements: 3 Changes to Boost Your Mall Traffic

It’s a no-brainer nowadays. If you want to hang out with friends or set a meeting with a colleague outside the office, your first option is the mall. But not just any mall. You’ll go for the one with the most variety of choices and the best ambiance.

People want to go to malls. The challenge lies in making them choose yours. When coming up with improvements to address this concern, think like a customer. What can your mall do or change to keep you coming back for more?

Make It Instagram-worthy

There are plenty of ways to market a commercial property, but it’s an Instagram-worthy aesthetic that compels people to come. You need to take into account their mentality when they go out to socialize. They make sure that wherever they choose to spend time is photogenic because they’ll take pictures. Those pictures will end up on their social media. To you, that means better exposure.

So what makes a mall Instagram-worthy? A good theme with crucial features that stand out. If your mall is in the middle of a busy district, go for an urban feel with a nature sanctuary. Add hanging plants to your steel spiral staircase for an enchanting experience. There are endless possibilities when it comes to design.

Change it up a bit now and then to give people something to look forward to. Ambiance plays a crucial role in providing an enjoyable shopping experience, and Instagram-worthy backdrops make it even better.

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Involve the Community

Events allow you to engage with different demographics and attract a huge flow of traffic all at once. You can compel old couples to go on a date by arranging a famous 90s singer to serenade them. Teenagers don’t need a lot of convincing when you announce that a boy band will perform in your mall. Don’t forget the kids. Parents will drag them to an event if it means dressing them up and getting good photos.

The key to organizing effective events is consistency. If people know they have a better chance of enjoying events in your mall than in others, they’ll choose you.

Opting for events that target a responsive audience is also essential. Fur parents are good examples. They spend an amazing amount of money on their pets. Get a speaker who will share free training tips, and you’ll have a full house wanting for more.

Give Space for Experience

Online shopping changed the game for both consumers and retailers. Since people are addicted to convenience, they’d rather look online in the comfort of their homes rather than spend hours roaming a mall.

This is why it’s crucial to work with tenants that sell an experience. Fitness clubs, art centers, bowling alleys, and skating rinks provide that. Make sure to invest in activities that aren’t already accessible in your area, or that you can improve to increase the thrill. Focusing on marketing to adolescents, children, and families work, because they are the ones who are most likely to spend on these things.

Make leisure and entertainment a significant aspect of your mall to drive up growth that benefits you and your tenants.

Trends will fluctuate, and consumer behavior will change. The most important improvement you can make is towards your adaptability. It’s by knowing how to adapt to these challenges that you can boost your mall traffic.

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