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What if I told you I could get you featured on Forbes in 30 days? Or maybe you’re a freelance graphic designer, and you want to write for top online magazines as a way to get businesses to hire you?

Well, The Ultimate Media Outreach Toolkit has you covered there too. 

Just flip to the Business & Entrepreneurship section for a listing of sites that small business owners read on a regular basis. Included in the list you’ll find Forbes, Fast Company and even The Harvard Business Review.

“It has been an eye-opening experience... our online visibility went from non-existent to front page in several different categories.

The traction is increasing every day, concepts that were foreign to me are starting to make sense, and there is no reason that our online presence will only continue to grow as a result of his knowledge and teachings.”

Marcellus Montalvo - Aviation Executive & Defense Contractor

A Book Collection For All Skill Levels

Here's a sample of what you'll get in each of the 4 little black books included - this one from the editorial contacts at Fast Company ... 

Those underlined words at the top are all links. Next up, you have a short description of the site. From there, you’ll find the contact information for the editor, which I’ve blurred out for now.

A Toolkit Based On The Facts + Faces

This book was written based off of cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this book was provided by startup coaches and small business experts who have studied the ins and outs of PR, business development, online marketing strategy, analytics and more.

A Word From The Author

“I love the web. I love thinking of digital strategies and measuring the performance of ALL my clients and partners.

I want to share my love and passion with the world. That’s what this book is about. This book will provide instant revenue growth to any business, product or niche.”