How Millennials Can Start a Brand With Almost No Cash

Lack of cash can complicate things, especially when your dream is to build your own business. For most millennials, this is a common dilemma. Many desires to start and own a brand, but fail to get started because of money issues. The good news is that there are ways you can start a business on the cheap, and without having to break your bank.

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Cheap Business Ideas

There are different business ideas you can consider if you are a wannabe entrepreneur lacking enough capital. Know that many of today’s successful entrepreneurs literally built their businesses from nothing. The key is to start small and find out what is essential for your dream business.

It also helps if you can work in your spare time, working on things that interest you and spark your passion. Luckily, there are business ideas that won’t require thousands of dollars worth of capital. Here are some of them.

Seasonal lawn care

If you have a green thumb and loves tending to plants, why not start your lawn care business? For as long as you got the equipment needed and can hand out flyers, business cards, and neighbors needing their lawns trimmed, you can easily scale your business. With a bit of word-of-mouth marketing and local marketing, you can grow your business with ease and start recruiting workers to work with you.

Cleaning Services

If you don’t mind cleaning up after other people’s mess, then consider cleaning services. You can start small using a couple of reliable cleaning supplies and materials and start advertising. You can do this during your free time, or better yet, during peak hours like on weekends or at night.

Freelance Services

If you have major skills that many people need for their own business, consider freelancing. All you need is a reliable set of equipment at home, a fast internet connection, and a good portfolio to match. You can help business owners take care of their crucial tasks who are so busy and have no skills to take care of these tasks themselves.

Catering Services

If you love cooking and making other people happy with great-tasting food, share your talent by opening your catering business. If you have a sizable outdoor living space, you can even open your own home-based restaurant or rent out the place at the same time. This way, you get to stay at home and make some money with your property.

Cheap Business Management Tips

Your options are limitless when it comes to cheap business ideas. But before you start, there are major considerations you can’t afford to ignore. Here are some management hacks to get you started.

Don’t Quit Your Nine-to-Five Just Yet

Saying goodbye to your daytime job may not be the best way to start a business while you are broke. For one, you want to make sure you can provide for your needs while your business is still gaining momentum. This will help you save money and build an emergency fund while you turn your side hustle business into a full-time gig.

Invest in a Detailed Business Plan

One will need a whole lot of luck to start a business without a plan. So, make sure you got everything covered before you dive into entrepreneurship. This way, you will have fewer regrets and a more detailed way of getting your new business recognized.

For example, your plan is to build a small coffee shop right in your backyard. Aside from checking local state rules, it also helps if you plan the renovation with the help of a reliable residential contractor. They can help make sure to set up your café up to standards and according to your exact specifications.


There is no reason to try to handle every single to ask on your own. Chances are, you have your nine-to-five job to keep you busy plus your new business to manage. Harnessing the power of outsourcing allows you to enjoy the following perks.

  • Save time and money
  • Get crucial tasks done by specialists
  • Assess projects as you go
  • Help other local businesses thrive

Utilize Free Tools and Platforms

Today’s tech gives you access to many business tools and platforms. Utilizing the free ones will help you manage tasks better, work on certain projects efficiently, and reach out to your target audiences with ease. This also allows you to build your social network, so you can find reliable suppliers, tap on your network’s network, and get to know the latest trends in your market.

This goes to show that even broke millennials can start their own business. The journey is guaranteed to be a bumpy one due to your lack of funds. But it is never impossible to build a successful brand even if you have almost no money to invest.

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