Must-Dos If You’re Planning to Relocate Your Business

There are times when a business will need to move to a different location. This can be a good choice if there is a need to expand and the original location can no longer accommodate growth. Other times, there is a need to downsize the business.

No matter what your reasons are for relocation, know that there are many critical aspects you need to do first. This is not limited to finding the right location, considering the costs, and finding a reliable long-distance moving company to accommodate your moving needs. There is also a need to ensure you take this opportunity to improve your brand.

Here are a few must-dos to turn your business relocation into a brand improvement opportunity.

Keep Everyone Updated About Your Business Move

Your employees and your customers are not the only ones you need to update when planning the move. This also includes your target audiences both online and offline, your suppliers, vendors, and partners. Don’t forget about informing your lenders and the government as well.

Your employees ought to know your relocation as this can affect their daily commute and other aspects of their daily life. You can’t simply expect them to blindly follow your brand around. This is crucial in ensuring your employees can make arrangements as early as now.

Informing the public about your relocation can also be a great way to entice talented individuals to apply to your brand. Every time a new business is in the area, this opens up employment opportunities wanting to be part of your company. It is wise to post updates and open positions so you already have applicants on the waiting list as you make the move.

Your vendors, suppliers, and partners should know exactly where your new business location is and when you plan on moving. This will give them enough time to update their systems as well as your new contact details if any. You will have fewer hassles trying to track your ordered supplies if you keep your vendors and suppliers updated.

If you owe a bank or any private lender money, make sure you inform them about the move. This will ensure you receive their mails at the right address and give them peace of mind that you are not running away from your responsibilities. Don’t forget about informing the right government agencies about the move as this can affect your permits, licenses, and taxes.

As for your customers, ensure you let them know about your new address especially if you have a physical store. Update all your marketing materials online and offline. Change your address and contact details on your website, online directories, social media, and the like.

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Step Up Your Marketing Game

Now that you are moving to a new location, you can no longer be lazy in marketing your brand. A new address meant there is a need for you to work three times as hard to introduce your brand to the locals. This also means letting your existing customers that you made the move to better serve them in the future.

Share your reason for moving your brand. There is no reason to leave everyone in the dark why you suddenly made the decision to relocate. Advertise your decision to move in a good light even if your initial reason is due to a business issue.

Let’s say you are moving since you can no longer afford the rent of your previous business office. You can tell your audiences that you are relocating to a location you believe you can serve them better. You can tell that your reason involves cutting down costs to improve your quality of products and services.

You can use your content marketing as a way to promote the relocation. This enables your readers to know more about your business, your relocation, and your offers. It is also crucial that you update your SEO or search engine optimization and ensure all details are well-updated.

If you are still manually marketing your brand online, it is time you work with the pros. You want to work with a digital marketing company that understands your goals and needs. They can make a great difference in reaching your target audiences, prepping existing customers about the move, and improving site traffic to grow your revenue.

Use the Move as a Chance to Make a Wonderful Beginning

Take this opportunity to promote a positive change within your organization. Leave behind everything you no longer need, including the toxic culture, poor customer service, and low-quality offers.

Learn from the issues you encountered in your old location and apply necessary changes to avoid these in your new location. This could mean improving your hiring process, building a more diverse team, and trying a different approach in managing your staff better. You even use this time to restructure the brand to be more sustainable or operate as a business with a purpose.

Moving your business requires tons of preparations. Even after the relocation, there are many things you need to do to reduce downtime. Choose to be proactive when making the move. Use this opportunity to improve your brand, entice more audiences, build better relationships with everyone, and stay compliant with the government’s requirements.

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