Offline Marketing Tips and Tricks That are Still Useful

With the ever-increasing pace of digitalization and business’ online migration, many people seem to believe that traditional marketing techniques are outdated and obsolete. However, like many experienced marketers will tell you, as long as there are people, there’s a way to advertise. And while the world is currently experiencing a pandemic, many countries and cities have improved their vaccination plan considerably enough to allow opening up their state again. This, in turn, leads to people going out more often, as the last year has seen people staying indoors most of the time.

This then brings us back to the question: Are offline marketing techniques still useful?

Since people are clamoring for a more ‘normal’ lifestyle, one that involves going out and moving about normally, offline marketing techniques are predicted to be useful once more. Traditional tactics such as handing out flyers, giving away brochures, might see us once again. Below are some other offline marketing tips and tricks that are still relevant.

Flyers and Leaflets Still Work

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen fewer and fewer people handing out flyers and leaflets on the streets. However, it still remains a relevant method of offline marketing as it can target a specific demographic easier and you can quite literally choose your location to increase lead generation by proximity. Your flyer should include information that’s both appealing and relevant to your industry, like having licensed roofing professionals or master craftsmen in your roster.

This information shows that your business is a capable business that produces high-quality work. Many craft and labor-related industries still utilize flyers, such as tattoo artists, hairdressers, and carpenters, due to the sheer fact that it’s effective.

Brochures Bring in Interest


Brochures are a good way to bring in new customers. If designed well, it can give potential customers an effective introduction to what your business is and what it offers. It’s easy to pick up, fits in the hand, and provides information that you can control. By control, it means showcasing a positive image of your company, giving a good idea of what your values are as a business, and showing what types of services you offer. It’s good to display your brochures in your brick and mortar shops, or in your booth when participating in conventions.

Make Your Business Cards Interesting

Business cards are traditionally seen as a boring relic of a much more uptight past. But there is very little reason to make business cards boring, especially since it’s essentially a representation of you and your business. Especially since you’re going to be around other business owners, having a business card is one of the best ways to build a network and promote your services. Always keep one with you at all times, you never want to be in a situation where you needed to give a business card but it left somewhere. Make your business card interesting and appropriate to your business too- and again, it doesn’t have to be boring.

Attend and Participate in Local Events

Local events, like celebrations, festivals, and other similar events are the best way to market your company. This doesn’t just let you reach a wider audience, but it also endears you to the local community as you’re showing support. Take this opportunity to reach out to your local market and get your business’ name out there. If the said event targets a demographic that’s exactly similar or adjacent to yours, then you’re effectively doing target marketing.

Knowing what kinds of local events are available and what kind of people attend these events is a great way to better attack your market segment. This a very cost-efficient way to market as you’re advertising to people who’re most likely to purchase your services in the first place.

Newspaper and Magazine Advertising


Print advertising is still very much present and effective in this technologically advanced timeline. Depending on whether you choose to advertise in newspapers or magazines, it can help you reach a lot of people and have considerable results too. For example, people who peruse newspapers are often on the lookout for promos and sales, and they will more likely read your ad and proactively seek more information if it is compelling.

On the other hand, if you want to target a specific demographic, advertising on magazines can prove useful, because they cater to very specific audiences like women’s or fitness magazines.

Offline and online marketing isn’t exactly opposite each other, instead, they’re adjacent. As long as we still live outside of the internet, offline marketing will still be useful. This is why traditional methods will still work and are worth trying out.

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