Renovating Your Office For A Post-pandemic Reopening

Fully reopening your office after the pandemic should be a priority. It gives a sense of normalcy and assures everyone that things are getting better. But you can’t just open without making any changes. It would be best if you made some renovations to your office that will reassure your clients and employees. While commercial building services can help with the actual work, it will be up to you to decide on what change to make. Here is a list of what you can do to improve your office.

Change The Layout

One of the first things you should do is to change the layout of your office completely. If your office used a cubicle set-up, then that would not be feasible nowadays. People need their space. You might need to dismantle some walls and move around furniture for a safer fit. You may also need to consider the maximum amount of employees in the office. Some people might come to work while others operate remotely. Additionally, you should install signage on how your employees can move around so that you can minimize personal contact.

Installing Plexiglass Barriers

A frequent sight in many groceries and public areas is that of plexiglass barriers. These are to prevent the spread of disease. These can also be installed in your office. This is especially in the high traffic areas of it. If you have a place where you meet clients, like a conference room, then the barriers can go up there. Additionally, if you have a payment line, a plexiglass barrier can also help there. You can even install them on desks so that everyone can be safe.

Convert Communal Spaces

A lot of office spaces had communal spaces before the pandemic. While that was great for social reasons before the pandemic, it has to change when your office reopens. So large conference rooms and cafeterias might see another use. If possible, you can turn them into more workspaces. That is a lot of space available and still within your building, so it should be good. Do some remodeling, and it should be fine.

Restructure Your Reception Area

Your main reception area will see some changes. Before the pandemic, the reception is where you met clients and associated with people. The problem nowadays is that it is not possible to do that without any worries. You’ll need to change your reception area to work differently and for a different purpose. Since it is the main entrance to your office, you should make it into a disinfection area. Employees can sanitize their hands and belongings, as well as have their temperatures checked. This ensures that everyone is safe and healthy.

women wearing masks at the office

Reduce Touch Surfaces

If possible, you should be minimizing the number of surfaces that need touching. For example, you can change your doors so that they are automatic. This means fewer hands are touching door handles. That is just the beginning. There are other ways you can reduce contact with various surfaces. Another major point of contact is the faucets and toilets. Having a hands-free option can be a big help in that department.

Upgrade Your HVAC

COVID-19 spreads through the air, so it is in your interest to have a better HVAC system. The focus is on the installation of filters. With the right filter points, even when your office has good ventilation, everyone is still pretty safe from the virus. Ask your HVAC technician whether they can update your current filters for an affordable price.

Add Monitors And Cameras

Another potential upgrade is to add cameras and monitors to your conference rooms. You may not be able to use them for standard meetings, but making them exclusively for video-conferencing can be a good move. You can also make them digital work hubs for your people; this could mean one person at work coordinating multiple employees who are working at home. This can also be a good investment for future use.

Think About Modular Spaces

The situation is always changing when it comes to business. It’s important to be able to adapt to things. This is where having a modular office comes in. Have some areas of your office be easy to convert into other purposes. This can be through movable furniture or walls. You can properly section off your office this way within minutes and have it ready for another purpose.

These office improvements can be a big help, Ensuring your workers are in good health and that they are safe while they are working. They are also a great investment in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic should not be treated as a one-off and having facilities ready for the next one can be good preparation.

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