Saving on Electricity by Cooling Your Home

There are several fascinating and enjoyable things to participate in throughout the summer. Cookouts in the backyard, baseball games, and pool parties are all part of the fun. However, this season’s drawback is the oppressive heat. As a result, it seems alluring to spend the sweltering summer days indoors.

During the summer, running your AC unit can be a bit painful for your wallet. Cooling your area consumes over half of your monthly power cost. It’s also one of your house’s most significant energy hogs. The good news is that there are several methods to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner while also saving money during the hot summer months.

Proper Insulation for the Entire Year

It doesn’t matter how stunning the images of exposed rafters on Pinterest are; insulation is still crucial. Adding insulation to the roof and walls can provide a massive impact, even though it’s not a pleasurable way of spending money. It might not be as exciting as a new table, but you’ll save money and provide better comfort for you and everyone in your home.

What is the exact process through which insulation works? Thermodynamics is based on the idea that heat travels from a warmer to a cooler area. If your home has poor insulation, heat will leak in and put a strain on your air conditioner, causing it to work overtime.

In other words, your ceiling is screaming with heat, as the insulation professional who captures thermal pictures of a house says.

Preserve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System

Installing a programmable thermostat and using an energy-efficient air conditioner isn’t enough all the time. If you don’t maintain your equipment, you won’t save your cooling expenses by using less energy. Dirt can clog the filters in your air conditioner, reducing airflow and increasing the amount of energy required to chill your house.

Cleaning and changing your air conditioner’s filters every month will help you save 5% to 15% on your energy bill. Make sure you have a clean floor or furniture that doesn’t block your central conditioning system. The coils on the condenser and its evaporator must be kept free of dirt and debris to ensure maximum performance.

Avoid the Daytime Buildup of Heat

As the days get longer and hotter, the temperature inside your house rises. Remember to stray from tasks that can buildup heat, especially during the daytime. Using the stovetop, dryer, and dishwasher are all examples. Instead, you can grill out in your backyard, use a microwave, hang your clothing on a line, and hand-wash and air-dry your dishes. The most recommended time to do them is when temperatures drop at night. When taking a bath during the day, utilize an exhaust fan in the bathroom to effectively absorb extra humidity and heat.

Cover Your Windows

window covers

As per the DOE, roughly 76% of the sunshine on windows enters as heat when it’s hot outside. You can intercept the energy before it enters your home using mesh-like window screens or solar screens. West- and east-facing windows benefit the most from window enclosures. The best option is to have them installed outside the window. This would prevent solar radiation from passing through the glass completely. Nothing you accomplish on the inside will compare to this.

Window films can also help you save money. Rather than allowing heat to pass through, these metalized sheets reflect it. Heat will not penetrate the glass if you use a very reflective silver or white film. Unlike window coatings, which operate only when windows are closed, solar screens block out the light and insects even when they are left open.

Plant Trees to Provide Shade

Planting greenery surrounding your house will help provide shade from the sun, which will make it cooler in the summer. The sun’s rays shine directly through your house’s windows or on the roof, heating the property from the inside out.

Planting tall trees on your property’s south side is best, with broad trees on the western and eastern sides being better choices as well. The morning and afternoon sun will shine through if you have a big window facing west or east since the rays are low on the horizon. If you position the tree in the correct spot, it’s worth the additional money to get a tall one.

Final Thoughts

During the summer, using your air conditioner might lead to a massive rise in your power cost. However, there are a few methods to reduce your cooling bills while still saving energy. As the summer months continue, you can make your air conditioner work better while conserving electricity by implementing the above-mentioned cost-effective strategies.

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