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Hubspot Setup and Consulting

Relevant, high-quality content and killer offers build traffic and leads in record time, segmenting until we get conversions.

Multi-step approach to
influencer outreach and
conversion UX taps into new markets and boosts loyalty among buyers.

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Niche Market Analysis + SEO

Historically, SEO experts focused on link building and keyword density to boost search rankings.

SEO, now more than ever, is about creating content and websites that users love and are willing to share. 

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Product Launch Campaigns

We take a deep dive into your current online marketing efforts - then review marketing goals, evaluate your 
campaign strategy, run niche market and
competitor analysis and test website usability, structure and messaging.

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Web Design + Integration

Smoother transition of visitor to customer with seamless conversion paths on your site. Our 7-step process creates
a website that engages
and gets results with smart content that
attracts and acquires new customers rapidly.

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Social Media Campaigns

Sharing useful content via social channels is a powerful way to drive
traffic to your website and keep existing
customers engaged.

If you don’t have resources or expertise to manage channels or grow your social media reach
in-house, we can help.

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1x1 Consulting Sessions

Translate data into design — with messaging that reflects buyer insights we uncover — for each and every webpage.

We finish off with a detailed launch capaign, complete with content marketing, SEO, social media and marketing automation tips, tools, and budgets.

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DIY Launch Coaching

An effective marketing program begins with knowing your buyers.

Once you identify your buyers' intentions, you can develop buyer personas so any person driving inbound
marketing campaigns or creating content online can be successful.

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We test our tactics and methods endlessly to ensure you get rapid online business growth in as little time as possible.

And you'll get a monthly scorecard mapping our progress in building your traffic, leads and revenue to help you see growth metrics and demonstrate return on investment.

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What Our Clients Say


"I've had the pleasure of working with JB on many occasions and he always delivers outstanding work that produces positive results every time. Joey is talented, driven, and passionate about his work. Never short on ideas and always ahead of the curve in his area of expertise. He would be a valuable asset to any digital team, client or agency side."

- KIRK HENRY, VP of Product & User Experience Design | NYC Entrepreneur

"Joey understands today's business environment deeper than most. H'es hip to a variety of customer segments (e.g. Millennials) and their needs in terms of how and where they want to be communicated to about a business's product or service, and what turns them off.

He can see problems from atypical perspectives, which comes in handy if you've got a bunch of typical folks around...and once solutions are implemented, if you want metrics, he's your man. He can go as deep as you want."

CHARLES LOCKHART, Marketing Specialist Advisor at FedEx

"Joey Barker is a unique blend of interactive marketing, business analyst and technology, a rare and valued blend in businesses today. His passion and knowledge for content marketing and SEO drives his integrated channel strategy success for both small and large brands.

His work ethic is unparalleled and his investment in projects is defined by his eagerness to learn, not for personal gain. A great team collaborator and straight shooter. Look to Joey to kick up your life cycle marketing with exponential results."

ERICA KLINGER, Director of Marketing Communications at The Seattle Foundation

"Joey was a great partner in that he was always knowledgeable about the latest industry news, and that he always had recommendations on how our mutual business could benefit. 

As a digital marketing strategist, Joey was also very much in tune with what our mutual consumers would consider appealing content and helped me understand how to reach out to my consumers in a relevant and engaging manner. This partnership, really help me in coordinating the vital steps that our company had to take in order to stay on top of the Social Media trends. 

Joey's expertise in Social Media, the Digitial landscape and his overall work ethic and demeanor would be an asset to any organization..."

EUGENE SANTOS, Senior Manager of Product & Multicultural Marketing at DIRECTV

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