Employee Recognition: What You Can Do to Show Your Appreciation

The Employee of the Month programs, along with other modest incentives, are present in almost three-quarters of all companies, according to a poll by World at Work. Often, awards and rewards are handed out to employees monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

But since these more traditional appreciation initiatives are falling out of favour, many studies now say they are ineffective. There are several kinds of events and programs that can positively impact productivity, employee morale, and retention of quality employees. Here are some ways you can celebrate and appreciate your employees.

Timely and Defined Acknowledgement

Meaningful acknowledgement is crucial. Don’t wait until the yearly review to recognise workers. Instead, reward them regularly to keep them motivated. Thus, it becomes part of your culture. Recognise them in a distinct and memorable way, and don’t forget to be careful to explain why they are receiving recognition.

You should inform your workers about your gratitude, especially when their activities benefit you or the company. Focusing on the details of your message by being precise helps you inspire specific responses, define expectations, and promote corporate values. Remember that acknowledgement may come in several ways, such as meaningful acknowledgement.

Variety in appreciation keeps things interesting and helps to reach different groups of workers. Employees love being acknowledged, and many would preserve every letter or card they got as proof. To avoid typical mistakes when acknowledging your employee or associate, develop a fantastic recognition program that fits your company’s purpose, values, and employee needs. Or better yet, you can host a party.

Hosting Recognition Parties

It would be best to choose a new and bigger venue than the office. Depending on how many guests intend to attend, it would be more suitable for the party to be hosted in a more secluded rural area, where everyone can appreciate a change of pace. The good thing about parties is that they bring people together. This is one of the best ways to bond and make memories. In addition, it strengthens connections.

While partying, there are some fun games you might want to try. For example, you can play classic ones where you need teams to play. Not only can they have fun, but they can build camaraderie too. Games are one of the best ways to connect with other people and bring people closer. In addition, you get to develop interpersonal, creative, logical, and even motor skills. So don’t miss out on all the fun games you can play.

Planning Enjoyable Activities

If you plan on hosting events on holidays, it has to be at the right time, and people can participate in several activities. These can include board games or puzzles. A film showing is also a recommended option since your employees can wind down after a tough day.

Another fantastic idea is an exciting New Year’s Eve boat ride to a memorable destination with your workers and their families. The good thing about being in the ocean is that it’s relaxing. Everyone can destress and momentarily forget about the work. It’s something that not only helps everyone deal with stress but also helps them spend time with their loved ones.

In addition, what is a better way to celebrate with your trusted employees than to keep to the regular traditions? You can make New Year resolutions that everyone promises to commit. You can also hand over gifts to everyone and share the happiness of meeting a new year. Of course, the night isn’t complete without everyone coming together, singing their joy, and making as much noise as possible.

Serving Food and Beverages

This will most likely be where a large portion of your budget will go, so you want to plan carefully. Will your party follow a specific theme, have a full course meal with dessert, or simply go for grilled food? If you’re wondering, cake pops also make great choices, especially as desserts. Not only are they healthier because of their sugar and calories in small packets, but they can be decorated in various ways.

For beverages, naturally, alcohol is recommended. But the type that is best for your event will depend on your theme. For instance, something expensive should be used for special occasions. You can spice things up in a good way by serving healthy cocktails.

Events to celebrate and appreciate your employees should leave good memories with everyone. It isn’t always that they are recognised for their daily efforts to keep your business up and running. Know what you can do to acknowledge the hard work your workers have put in for your company.

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