Soundproof Your One Bedroom Apartment: Hacks that Will Minimize the Noise

Do not expect your move from the countryside to the city to be smooth and easy. At least for the first couple of weeks, there will be an adjustment period where you would need to get used to things that were not present in your hometown.

One of the biggest challenges that you will encounter is the noise. The big city can be quite loud. There will always be the sound of police and ambulance sirens, cars honking, cars bleating their alarms, or people yelling at each other.


If you are in the process of checking out 1-bedroom apartments for rent, you should consider the amount of noise that you hear. Often, when you are strapped for budget, you will have limited options. Soundproofing may be out of your budget range right now.

But, you care about the level of noise you would hear within the apartment once you move in, it is worth considering not just soundproofing, but the location of the building and the types of people who live right next to you.

If the building is right next to a major road where there is a steady stream of traffic 24/7, you may want to stay away unless there is adequate soundproofing. Your neighbors, too, will affect your enjoyment of your apartment for the next couple of years, at least.

Do not just take your landlord’s word; visit the unit multiple times per day so that you know what to expect when you move in. Maybe your next-door neighbor practices the Troubador at 7 A.M. every day and you will be able to hear it in your bedroom, preventing you from sleeping in. Things like these should be considered when choosing your apartment.

Window Inserts and Dressings

Once you move in, you can still reduce the amount of noise that you would hear in your apartment. Look into window inserts. These are panes of glass or acrylic that you can install in your windows that can block sounds from the traffic outside. It can be a little expensive but, if you do not want to be constantly woken up by car honks and alarms, the investment could be worth it.

Another less permanent option is using window dressings. These are pretty much like curtains; you hang them on the curtain rods and they cover your windows. Except, aside from light, they will also shield you from noise.

Use a Bookcase

home office with bookcase

If you are dealing with thin walls, as what many apartments have, you can pad it with a bookcase. Not only with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase muffle the sounds coming in, and out, of your walls, it also gives you additional storage.

It will not completely block all sounds, but it will help minimize the noise coming from your neighbors or the environment outside so you can get your beauty sleep.

Fill the Gaps

Sound will come into your apartment most of the time through gaps in your windows and doors. If you can hear sounds in the hallway as if there is no closed door covering you from it, you might want to do something about it.

You can get a draft stopper and fit it under your door and around your windows. It is an affordable way to block any noise outside from coming into your apartment. Or, if you are strapped for cash, make one! You only need to get a medium weight fabric, insulating material, and basic sewing skills to create an effective but homemade draft stopper.

You do not have to live with the loud noises that are ever-present in cities. These solutions, whichever you choose, can hopefully make your new home a lot more comfortable for you to live in.

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