The 5 Biggest Utility Hogs in Your Home

Prices inevitably change with inflation, and the economy occasionally goes sideways. However, the biggest reasons why our utility bills are as high as they are can often be traced back to energy-consuming things in our own homes. These energy hogs drain resources so much when left unchecked, and can make any reasonable utility charge suddenly spike up to the roof. Make sure you know about these common culprits.

  • Leaks

Water leaks, air conditioner leaks, you name it. The trouble with a leak is that it’ll just keep going on and piling onto the bill unless you catch it, though there are signs to check out. Cooling system leaks are a little more apparent because they can stain your walls and distinctly affect the effectivity of the appliance with keeping temperatures cool.

As for plumbing problems, there are a few more intricacies to check. Is it in the piping somewhere, and trickling onto the yard or through the walls? Or is it manifesting from the toilet, sneakily doing so unless you tried to listen for it? For this suspect, you would need a professional to do the checking. It’s not difficult to get a handy plumber to do the job efficiently and nip that leak in the bud.

  • Cooling

Cooling systems take up a lot of energy, especially during those warm days in the summer. It should also be noted that, often, people don’t take into account when the outside is too cold and whether that should inform their indoor cooling habits. Sometimes, the temperatures outside are already low enough that they hamper the performance of cooling systems, causing them to consume more energy, and yes, cost you that much more (not to mention the increased upkeep that would require).

  • Heating

Heating is often considered one of the biggest energy hogs in the home, and the Department of Energy has shown data that shows that this usually takes up almost half of the total utility expenses in an average home. They offer some pretty solid adjustments that you can make to cut down that energy bill by around 30%. The reason it takes so much is that of everyday usage habits and a tendency to kind of let maintenance slide now and then. Though it may seem like you’re saving, it’s more cost-efficient to keep these things in good shape.

  • Gadgets

playing video games

Even if you get electronics that claim to be more environmentally conscious and energy-efficient, the problem lies, again, in usage habits. People leave televisions sets on standby, game consoles on sleep mode, cellphone chargers plugged in, and more. Those little things may make it more convenient for you, but it also means those items are constantly sucking up power even when not in use. It’s the most unnoticeable way to rack up a hefty bill every month. Get a power strip that you can toggle with buttons so that you don’t have to keep unplugging things, but you also get to ensure they aren’t using up energy when they’re supposed to be off.

Make sure you’re on top of these culprits, and if you make the right adjustments, you can significantly lessen your monthly utility bills.

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