The Best Exterior Renovations That Add Value to A Property

If you’re putting a property up on the market, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the highest possible value for it. Everyone knows that renovating the interior areas of a property is a great way to increase its monetary worth, but exterior renovations are just as important and also offer a big return on your investment. This is especially true because the external features of a home will be the first thing potential buyers see, so you’ll need to make a good first impression. These are the most value-adding exterior renovations that will boost your curb appeal and give you the best bang for your buck.

Take advantage of outdoor living space

The demand for outdoor living spaces continues to rise, according to the 2020 AIA Home Design Survey. Consumers are willing to spend more on practical areas — such as patios and backyards — that increase the functionality of their home. Any free, undeveloped space in the outdoor areas surrounding the property is definitely beneficial to build upon with a patio, deck, or a porch. If the property already has these features, then all you need to do is polish it up. Find professionals who can do work like wood deck maintenance or stone patio maintenance to improve upon what’s already there and make it look new.

Maintain the yard

A beautiful and abundant yard can positively influence any prospective clients’ buying decisions. According to Lawn Start, over 71% of home buyers cite a property’s curb appeal as being a relevant factor in their decision to purchase a property. So, it’s worthwhile to invest in a professional landscaping service to keep the yard looking fresh and manicured.

Replace the garage door

Replacing or renovating an old garage door will generate an excellent return on investment rate. This is because updating a garage door will not only improve the aesthetics of the property, it also offers greater security and safety for homeowners. Adding in smart technology, such as smart-phone controlled garage door openers and motion-sensor lights, is also a cost-effective upgrade. Whatever you invest in a new garage door will come back to you twofold when you sell the property.

House in a village

Update the entryway

The area leading up to the home makes the greatest impression on prospective home buyers, so you’ll need to ensure that it looks enticing. You can do so by investing in a striking door made out of durable material, or you could paint the existing door in an eye-catching color. Adding a high-quality lock system also adds more value since buyers are always interested in dependable security features. Make sure the walkway is paved and landscaped, and accent it with plants and lighting.

Invest in outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is just as valuable as indoor lighting. This feature adds a bit of flair and drama to the ambiance of the property while also acting as a safety measure by improving visibility and exposing and warding off potential thieves. Motion-detection lights are especially effective at maintaining the security of the property. You can add these types of lighting directly on the exterior of the home, the backyard, as well as the entryway.

Make your investment in a property payoff with these value-adding exterior renovations.

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