The Hotel Industry: Embracing the New Normal

People travel for different reasons. As they do so, they need a place to stay. The hotel industry was in a boom because of this. But the pandemic cast a dark period in both the travel and hospitality industries. As the economy rises again, hotels embraced some protocols to adjust to the new normal.

Setting a New Standard in Sanitation

The housekeeping department is one of the most integral teams of a hotel. Any hotel guest appreciates a room that is clean and fresh. With the pandemic, availing of reliable commercial sanitation services becomes a must. This team of experts adds a layer of protection with their thorough procedures. It is not enough anymore to rely alone on the efforts of the hotel’s housekeeping personnel.

Each room must be in its cleanest state, not giving any chances for the virus to thrive. There should always be a fresh stash of beddings and towels. Also, no surface should be taken for granted. Door handles, elevator buttons, or countertops must receive extra care. Disinfectants should also be present at entrances.

Shifting to Technology-assisted Check-ins

Long queues at the front desk during check-ins can be a way for the virus to get transmitted. Even with social distancing, there are still slim chances of touching common surfaces.

Technology had been a powerful tool to reduce contact or interaction during check-ins. Most hotels adapted an advanced way to check-in through mobile phones. Some check-in kiosks are also excellent alternatives. Mobile check-ins can also go as far as keyless room entries. Keys are very susceptible to be virus carriers.

Stepping Up on Security and Communications

Hotels thrive by being warm and accommodating to people from all walks of life. Most hotel management would still want to live by this reputation. But the new normal reminds them to be a bit selective of guests. During the booking process, it has become imperative to ask important questions. These are about a person’s travel history and telltale symptoms. Such questions are not supposed to be discriminatory. They serve as added security for other guests staying in the hotel.

Also, guests should know the health protocols that the hotel practices. Tell them the rules they should follow during their stay in the establishment. Some hotels opt to post visible reminders of such protocols in visible areas. When guests know how to behave and follow accordingly, it provides a sense of security for all.

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Securing More Flexible Reservations

Hotels used to follow stricter rules when it comes to reservations and cancellations. The pandemic has caused unforeseen restrictions, especially when crossing borders or countries. Thus, guests appreciate some leniency in this regard.

Hotel management heeded this call in many ways. They updated their reservation policies, offered rebooking options, and allowed free cancellations. Some even go as far as being flexible with check-in and check-out times. These help their guests stay unexposed while waiting for a ride or their flights. These simple acts of consideration go a long way with guests.

Shrinking the Population Limit in Common Areas

Common areas inside the hotel are among the top amenities that guests enjoy. Examples of such are gyms, restaurants, or the pool area. But the present situation dictates that people be in a limited number in such areas. Even with this number, they have to be monitored by trained staff.

The hospitality industry might have embraced new protocols. But such changes are for the benefit of everybody. Despite the pandemic, life as people know it must go on and regain a sense of normalcy.


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