The Truth About Townhomes: Debunking Four Myths

If you’re a homebuyer, one of your instincts is to buy a detached home. Since what most want is that extra privilege for privacy, you’ll most likely want that extra space. But due to certain circumstances, you may find it hard to buy a house with all of your wants. When the location you want, the privacy you wish to have, and the price you can afford do not mix up, you might want to consider buying other residential buildings.

Aside from condo units and apartments in Eagle Mountain, you should also consider townhomes. You’ll be surprised that you can still get to tick most of your non-negotiables while staying within your budget. Townhomes can offer privacy, but with the added security, affordability, and comfort. But certain myths can cloud your judgment, making you miss the amazing features of a townhome.

To help you shed light on what townhomes have to offer, we are debunking four myths about this type of real estate.

Townhomes are usually situated in the suburbs

It is true that in the past, townhomes were usually built in the suburbs. But many townhomes these days are situated in areas where you have access to lots of amenities. Some are now near hospitals, shopping malls, and business centers. If you take the time to do some research, you’re sure to find a townhome in a good location.

You have no privacy in a townhome

This is not always the case. Most townhomes these days are magnificently built. This does not only mean that you get to buy a beautiful home with excellent curb appeal. It also means that you can still get that sense of privacy since each unit has its own front and back doors. You don’t need to worry about noisy neighbors who live just upstairs. You can house many people in a single townhome, giving you more added privacy for an attached home with many residents.

Townhomes are not that convenient


In reality, townhomes are a lot more convenient than apartments, condo units, and houses. If you buy a detached house, you will be responsible for all the costs of homeownership. With townhomes, you can leverage the property’s interest without having to worry about all the costs of homeownership. You only need to take care of all interior maintenance and repairs.

It is easier to secure a detached home than a townhome

Townhomes have that undeniable benefit of added security. For one, most townhome homeowners develop a close-knit community. If you get along with your neighbors, they will be more than willing to look after your home in your absence. Since you basically know who lives in which unit, you can easily identify guests from residents. Don’t forget that some townhomes are usually fenced, giving you that added peace of mind.

When it comes to buying your new home, make sure to consider all the available options. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find out that there is more to townhomes that meets the eye. Now that you know the truth behind some townhome myths, you can decide whether or a townhome can be the perfect fit for your shelter needs.

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