Three Reminders When You’re in Your 20s and Feeling Impulsive with Your Career

Life is a rollercoaster, and your 20s is when the big hoops and loops begin. There are so many things that can happen that can determine how your future goes.

It’s when you set the foundation for your aspirations. You dream of high-end cars, traveling the globe, luxurious airport transfers and chauffeurs, penthouses, etc. More than anything else, you need stability in your career and finances.

It’s common to have times of desperation. Temptations to take extreme measures that lead to success will come. When that happens, think of these three important reminders:

Be critical of success stories

Everyone has heard about Jeff Bezos quitting his job to start Amazon in his garage in 1994. Now, he’s the world’s richest person. However, these stories often overlook the fact that his parents invested $245,573 in his start-up in 1995.

Success stories are often glorified. While they create an illusion of inspiration, they usually don’t reveal the entire story. As Journalist Aimee Grothe headlines in their Quartz article, “Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk—they come from families with money.”

Quitting your job to start your own business sounds tempting, but it’s never as easy as it sounds. Businesses require a ton of time, upkeep, and–most of all–money. Perhaps, taking risks is not the moral of the story. It’s more of taking things one step at a time without throwing practicality out the window.

You might actually need that 9-to-5 job

walking up to work

It’s reasonable to think that your day job is a dead-end or that it’s doing more harm than good on your career aspirations. Then, you start to ponder on the idea that flying solo is the perfect fit for you, yet that would mean relying on unstable income when you’re still building your brand.

It’s crucial to take into consideration that businesses don’t become successful overnight. 9-to-5 jobs give a stable source of income. As long as you show up to work and do what’s expected of you, you’ll have money to pay the bills at the end of the month.

Consider having your solo flight idea as a side-hustle first. That way, you can work on it in your free time without sacrificing your finances.

Don’t give in to pressure

This is a cliche, yes, but pressure tends to be an incredibly strong presence when you’re in your 20s. There’s the pressure to take on bigger roles in society once you’ve graduated from college. There’s the pressure to up to par with your peers, as they land jobs in big companies or receive promotions. Most of all, there’s the pressure that you lay on yourself as you move forward to chasing your dreams.

At the end of the day, it’s crucial to know who you are and to remind yourself of your capabilities. What are your limitations as of the moment? How can you move forward from here? Society’s and other people’s expectations are often passé and can be one-hundred-percent ignored. Otherwise, you might end up with responsibilities bigger than what you can offer.

These years are going to be a cocktail of extreme opposites: ups and downs, successes and failures, confidence and fear. Nonetheless, remember to be practical still. Things will work out with the right planning and pacing.

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