Top 4 Signs That You Need to Call a Licensed Electrician ASAP

There are some tasks at home that you can do on your own even if you do not have the experience nor license. Others, however, require the expert hands of a professional.

Electricity, for example, can kill. If you find yourself encountering any of the problems mentioned below, call your local electrician as soon as you can. Do not attempt to make repairs on your own because one wrong move can cause damage to your electric appliances or, worse, electrocution or house fire. Find a residential electrician in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah if you encounter these signs:

You Smell Something Burning

The smell of smoke inside your home is often a cause for concern. If you are not cooking or you did not recently light a candle, you should investigate where the smell is coming from as soon as possible.

Check any electrical outlet and your fusebox. If the smell is coming from there, pull any appliance plugged in or turn the power inside your entire house. Once you do that, call an electrician to take a look.

The smell of smoke could be a sign of electrical fire. Even if you do not see smoke nor an actual fire, you should have it checked by a professional to avoid any serious incidents.

Lights Dim or Flicker


Contrary to what you see in movies, flickering lights is not a sign that a supernatural element is present in a room. Often, the lightbulb has reached the end of its light and needs to be replaced. Sometimes, it is also a sign of an overloaded circuit.

Lights may flicker or dim occasionally and then return to normal. It may also happen while using an electrical appliance.

Although an overloaded circuit is not immediately life-threatening, you should call an electrician as soon as you notice the aforementioned symptoms. An overloaded circuit can cause a more serious problem like losing power throughout the entire home.

A Switch, Outlet Feels Warm to the Touch

A warm switch or outlet is often a sign of faulty wiring or it can also be caused by an electrical fire. That is why you should make it a habit to check switches and outlets in your entire house using the back of your hand. If a switch or outlet is warm, do not hesitate to call a local electrician to find the problem ASAP.

You Get a Mild Shock

The moment you touch a switch, did you feel a tingling on your finger? When you plugged an electrical appliance to the outlet, did you get a mild shock?

These could be signs of a simple problem like there is too much demand on the circuit, or it can be something that potentially will become a serious threat to you and your family. Either way, it is best to get a professional to check.

Similarly, if you hear an unusual buzzing behind the walls, you may have a wiring issue that needs to be fixed ASAP. If your home was built between 1985 and 1975, you should have the wiring checked regularly.

When dealing with electricity, you should not attempt to do repairs on your own unless you are a professional. Moreover, you need to be vigilant. Whether you recently moved to a new house or have been living in the same house for years, get an electrician to check your home for any problems.

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