Update Your Home Maintenance Checklist for 2021

A family home is where you find peace, protection, warmth, and security. It protects you from the elements and keeps everyone you love safe and secure. It is only right that homeowners put in extra effort to keep everything around the home in proper working conditions.

Regular maintenance checks and repairs are necessary to protect the asset and save you money in the long run. Without these upkeeps, the home’s essential parts can get damaged, and the repairs will be more expensive than when you conduct maintenance checks and simple repairs.

Many of the things or parts in the home have a maintenance schedule or a lifespan. Whether it is the roofing and eaves, garage doors, water line system, or your heating and cooling system, a scheduled checkup is necessary. Homeowners need to know about scheduled maintenance works to anticipate the expenses and prevent potential damage to the home’s structure.

HVAC Checkup and Maintenance

Regular tuneup of the home’s cooling and heating system will prevent sudden breakdowns and save money continuously. Homeowners are assured that their HVACs are running efficiently, the seals are tightened as needed, and the air filters are replaced when they become dirty. All these proactive and preventive actions translate to greater savings on your monthly bills.

Your heating and cooling appliances will also perform better and last longer. So, when it comes to HVAC tuneup and repairs, don’t let them turn into expensive issues. Otherwise, you might find yourself without heating or cooling service in your home for days.

Roof and Eaves Repair


Your roof can be subjected to the damaging force of winter snow and ice, depending on your location. Storms and heavy rains may also cause leaks which can affect your ceiling and your home interiors. After a change of season, inspect your roof using binoculars. You do not need to climb up and risk falling off the ladder.

During winter, ice dams can also build-up on the roof, while leaves and debris can block the gutters during spring. Call your contractor to handle these roofing issues. If you have a bungalow home, checking the roof and eaves for damage can be a DIY task. But if you see any problem, consult with experts to immediately address the repairs needed.

Garage Door Security

Garage doors will require upkeep depending on how often they are used. There are homes where garage doors are opened and closed several times a day. In some, it is not used as often. When you park your car in your garage, the doors should be maintained and serviced at least once a year to ensure that it works as it should. Check for rust or corrugated areas that will require garage door repair while they are still manageable. The better you take care of these areas at home, the longer it will last.

House Sidings


Homes have different siding materials, and each one of them is subject to particular damage and repair needs. Some opt for vinyl because it looks good and eliminates the need for repainting. But it soon fades and looks shabby. Likewise, high-winds can pull it out, cause cracks or puncture it. Ideally, you can repaint it with acrylic latex paint and conduct a regular check on it afterward.

Another type of popular siding is fiber cement. It requires less maintenance and repainting, but it is a bit more expensive than other options available. Fiber cement sidings can last for more or less 15 years before you need to repaint them. But do conduct joint re-caulking when repainting or when you see any damage. Once repainted and re-caulked, they require minimal maintenance. Loose or missing fiber cement siding should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent water damage.

Water Mains

Many homeowners overlook the need to check on their water mains and are surprised to face a major issue that could have been prevented earlier. Most water line issues develop slowly over time. Thus it is wise to conduct preventive maintenance at least once a year. Plumbers and technicians will be able to recognize the signs when your water lines are closely examined.

They will look out for water damages and leaks. Dropping water pressure might be due to blockage, lime scales, or underground leaks. If there are potential problems, they will be addressed before they cause serious problems to your system.

If you value your home and plan to live in it for a long time, make an effort to conduct scheduled repair and maintenance works to keep it in its prime. Simple repairs and regular upkeep will save you from unexpected expenses and major damages in the future. Plan out home renovations along the times you need to conduct these scheduled maintenance tasks to save more along the line.

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