Use Digital Marketing to Generate Real Estate Leads in a Pandemic

Getting real estate leads starts with your ability to engage, entice, and capture potential customers. You may have mastered this skill in the real world, but can you show the same ability in the digital landscape?

Generating online leads for your real estate business is now more important than ever. As the coronavirus pandemic remains a threat, you have to maximize your interactions online. You should get more email subscribers, engage more audiences on social media, and drive more traffic to your website to continue getting leads for every new listing. Here are some actionable tips to get you started.

Embrace content marketing

New home buyers will want to learn as much as possible—and where will they go for answers? Google. If they don’t have an agent yet, they will likely go to Google and type in a query to learn more about real estate. This is where content marketing steps in. By offering the right content, you can get leads online.

Start with running an active blog on your website and link it to your social media and email newsletters. What to post on the blog? Focus on what buyers in your area usually want to find out before deciding. You can use keyword research and online survey tools to find the common queries of your target buyers. Then create a blog, infographic, or informational video about or related to those keywords and topics. Pretty soon, you will capture avid readers or website visitors who will eventually turn into homebuyers.

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Boost social media marketing

You probably have a social media profile as a real estate agent, broker, or firm owner. Boost the engagement and following of that profile by improving your social media marketing techniques.

The advantage of social media over other digital channels is it allows your followers to share your posts and refer you to their friends easily. They can also easily leave a comment if they have an inquiry, and you can quickly answer them and set an appointment with them. But you have to post eye-catching content.

Are you used to just posting new listings and other real estate activities? Take it to another level by posting stunning panoramic images that come with a great caption or launching a video series. Play around also with polls, quizzes, contests, promos, and giveaways to interact with your audience.

Launch an email marketing campaign

If you haven’t already done it, launch an email campaign. It is one of the most cost-effective lead-generating options if you use it correctly. With well-crafted and personalized emails, you can nurture leads, feeding them relevant information regularly until they are ready to set an appointment with you.

Not sure what to send to your email subscribers? You can send local market news or new development updates. “Just Sold!” listings are great content to entice your subscribers on what it’s like to work with you. For those who might only need a nudge into buying a home, you can send them step-by-step guides on how to apply for a mortgage, buy a home in the current market, get virtual house tours amid a pandemic.

With these three pillars of online marketing, you can generate a steady supply of leads and continue to sell homes amid a pandemic. Even after the crisis, these marketing channels are great supplements to your real-world sales skills.

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