What Is the Digi-Cal Tool?

In the video above, the reporter details the journey of Winterhawks’ innovative pipeline debris tool, known as the Digi-cal tool. It was conceived with a vision to craft the most precise caliper tool in the industry, evolving continuously to offer unparalleled reliability and accuracy. Covering a range of sizes from 4 to 42 inches, this tool is made for calipering constructed pipelines regulated by the DOT.

This tool, per the reporter, spans a wide size range and, adhering to DOT regulations, caters to the critical need for comprehensive pipeline evaluation.

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Its features, such as high-resolution measurements and interactive reporting, allow for a detailed breakdown of various pipeline elements, ensuring thorough scrutiny of deformations, wall thicknesses, welds, and potential anomalies like dents or ovality. The Digi-cal tool sets itself apart with its high-resolution measurements, doubling the sampling rate and delivering detailed assessments.

Per the reporter, Winterhawks offers two flexible options for executing the digital tool: their expert technicians can conduct on-site runs or provide clients with a user-friendly, plug-and-play system for self-operation. This adaptability, coupled with remote data analysis capabilities, ensures prompt report generation within 24 hours, making it a cost-effective solution for diverse caliper needs. With its swift assessment capabilities and comprehensive reporting, the Digi-cal tool stands as an efficient and reliable method for evaluating pipeline conditions and detecting debris.

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