When Should Offices Clean Their Commercial HVAC Systems?

The maintenance of commercial buildings includes cleaning its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC air duct systems even if it’s not showing any apparent issues. Although it doesn’t need cleaning every year, it’s not something building or office managers can afford to ignore.

Air duct cleaning doesn’t require much maintenance, but necessary cleaning and maintenance on commercial HVAC air duct systems must be performed every three to five years. That’s why hiring contractual professionals who offer duct cleaning services is a popular choice among commercial building owners or managers. It helps them save money and time while ensuring their office only gets clean air.

However, there are instances when your commercial HVAC systems may need cleaning, and here are the signs that your office’s HVAC infrastructure is due for a check-up.

People’s Complaints

When someone in the office starts to experience respiratory irritation or other symptoms, such as wheezing, sneezing, coughing, and allergy, it’s time to clean the building’s commercial air duct system. Never ignore these signs because when the buildup of dust and other particles gets terrible enough, it affects the overall indoor air quality. This situation can lead to office staff getting sick and leave you with dwindling profits, so take action fast and pursue commercial HVAC maintenance from professionals.

Severe Buildup

When you see signs of small black debris around your HVAC’s vents or dust clouds coming out and returning to your air conditioning units, these can indicate a severe buildup of pollutants like dust, pollen, and allergens inside your HVAC system. If your air ducts are emitting this buildup degree, it’s time to have a professional clean your HVAC system.

An Odd Odor

If you don’t have regular inspections on your office’s HVAC air ducts, it can lead to mold growth. When the building starts to smell terrible and can’t seem to find the culprit, this can be a sign of mold growth in your vents. Mold growth can cause significant sickness for everyone in the building, so it’s best to hire a professional to identify the mold growth source and eliminate it from your office permanently.

A Dusty Office

dusty table

When your HVAC system starts to provide bad indoor air quality, have signs of leakage, or filter air inefficiently, dust accumulation can happen in the office fast. If you notice that your workspaces are becoming dusty rapidly, it’s time to have your HVAC system checked.

Pest Infestation

If you notice that your office is getting littered with nesting materials, rodent fur, or dead insects, it’s time to have your HVAC ducts cleaned. That’s because pests, including bees, mice, or squirrels, can enter your duct system and settle in your air ducts, distributing dirty and potentially toxic air throughout the building.

Even if the indoor air quality in the commercial building you’re operating is top-quality and you’re using high-efficiency HVAC systems, allowing your office to enjoy clean air for years, unexpected issues can still happen. Besides following the standard three to five years of having your air ducts inspected professionally, it’s best to keep an eye out for the telltale signs of dirty ducts in your office, for a better and cleaner office space.

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