Why You Should Move Out of the Big City

Moving out of the city does not mean losing access to opportunities and resources anymore. Non-city dwellers now enjoy the modernity and conveniences available in large metropolitan areas without having to deal with traffic congestion and air pollution.

That is why more and more are choosing to settle outside of the city. Here are the reasons why you should, too.

Cheaper Housing

The primary reason why many are leaving capital cities is the affordability of land and housing. Because there are more people in cities, there is a higher demand for homes. This is driving the cost of living in the city up; often, city dwellers have to pay more for little space.

People in the countryside do not have problems. For example, the cost of house and land in Donnybrook is a lot more affordable.

If you have always dreamt of buying your own home and giving your family the space to grow into, moving outside of the city is the ideal choice.

Friendlier Neighbours

Living in the city is more often associated with an unwelcoming and sometimes hostile community. Because there is a great deal of stress and rush, in cities, people who live next to each other are disconnected.

However, outside of the city, there is a sense of community between neighbors. Although, if you live farther in the countryside, houses are fewer and farther apart, neighbors are often friendlier. If you do not plan on moving away soon, you can form bonds that can last a whole lifetime.

Peace and Quiet

Tired of the traffic noises that do not die down, even in the middle of the night? Living in rural areas or suburban communities offer the peace that is nearly impossible if you live in the city.


In smaller towns and cities, people tend to know one another and, therefore, they look out for each other. You can feel more confident letting your child play without constant adult supervision in a nearby park.

Cleaner Air

The air quality in metropolitan areas is often categorized as unhealthy. Constant exposure to air pollution can lead to serious health problems, including cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. Pregnant women, the elderly, and young children are especially vulnerable to the health problems associated with air pollution.

With fewer people and, therefore, cars, rural areas offer clean air. You can breathe easy knowing that you are not risking your life and the health of your family by breathing in smog and other pollutants.

Sustainable Lifestyle

vegetable garden boxes

Moving to the country will make your goal of reducing your impact on the planet possible. People who want to live sustainably will have space to grow their food or purchase directly from farmers in rural areas.

Employment Options

There is a perception that living in regional areas means having limited options when it comes to employment. While it is true that there are more job openings in cities, you can still find success and earn a livable wage, no matter what field you might be involved with, when you stay in the country.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are leaving capital cities to escape traffic and pollution and live a simpler and quieter life. Of course, not everyone is suited to living in the countryside. Ultimately, whether you want to live in a city or the country depends on you.

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