5 Signs Your Roof is Already Up for a Repair

Your roof is one of the most vital components of your house and probably the most prone to damages as it is practically exposed to the elements all year. No matter how well-made your roof may be, it will surely see some damage during its lifetime. Some damages may be easy to spot, but some would require a watchful eye to spot.

But no matter what kind of damage your roof has, the key is to detect it at the soonest possible time so you can act accordingly. With repairs done by experts in roof repair service, your roof’s problems in Rapid City or any other location can be fixed before they go out of hand and lead to costly damages.

Here are some signs your roof is already up for an immediate repair:

Shingle issues.

Among the most common warning signs of problematic roofing are shingle-related issues. Shingles could get cracked, go missing, have curled edges, or have dark areas – all of which are indicative that the shingles needed immediate repairs done by professionals. Using a binocular from a certain distance, you can easily spot such issues instead of using a ladder – which is okay but potentially dangerous. Whichever of these issues becomes evident to you, be sure to call your trusted roofing company at once to have the necessary repairs done ASAP.

Stains on walls and ceilings.

Have you noticed some visible stains or watermarks on your walls and ceilings? If you had, then they are probably caused by a leaky roof. Roof leaks are among the most common and most worrisome roof-related problems that any homeowner can encounter since they could lead to other issues like mold growth and damage to electrical connections. As such, be sure to regularly inspect your ceilings and walls to look for signs of a roof leak.

Moisture-weakened decking.

removing rotten wood from roof

Over time, moisture can weaken your roof’s decking and cause signs like daylight peeking through your roof board or moisture in the attic’s insulation. If you try to walk on your roof, you may also notice a trampoline-like bouncing or a spongy feel as you step on the roof. All of these could be caused by moisture damage on the decking, in which case immediate professional repairs are required.

Loose shingle granules.

Due to sheer age, shingles eventually wear off and begin to shed their sand-like granules. You can see these granules on the eaves or you can observe pooling beneath the downspouts caused by the buildup of shingle granules. Be sure to give your roofing contractor a call if you see any of these warning signs.

Mold growth on exterior walls.

Seeing mold growing on your exterior walls is a sure sign of a roof leak. You can do a simple trace of the mold growth to find the source, which will most likely lead you to a spot on your roof where there is a leak.

Remember that when it comes to roof-related problems, time is always critical. That said, call your trusted roofing repair specialists so they can do the required fix to prevent a more serious problem with your roof.

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