Stay and Play at Home with These 7 Sports

You just love sports. Who doesn’t? It doesn’t matter if it’s a team sport or a contact one. You just revel in the competition, the strategy, the pressure, the discipline, and that glorious moment when you know you’ve won.

Now, you’re probably lamenting the fact that you have to stay at home — with no guarantees when you can go out again. Don’t worry, there are a lot of sports you can do at home or in your backyard.

Here are seven you can try now:

With 4 Players or More

Backyard Football

All you really need here is a ball, some space, and a couple of friends to play with. Assuming that you’ve taken the necessary protective measures against the coronavirus outbreak, there’s really not much to this. Just mark down opposing end zones and you’re all set. Just try to ease up on the tackling a little, especially if you don’t have protective gear.


This game can bring people together as much as it can divide them. The level of competition and tension you feel when the ball starts flying in your direction is exhilarating. Plus, it checks the social distancing box in your virus safety list. Here are 10 easy rules for playing this game, from the International Dodgeball Association.

With 2 Players

Table Tennis

This is a game you can really enjoy within the four corners of your house — and not get scolded for. All you need is a table, net, two paddles (or rackets), and a ball. An opponent is a welcome addition, but not really required. Here’s Forrest Gump playing by himself.

Lawn Tennis

If you’re more of an outside player and you have a big enough space and some time and money to invest, you can have a tennis court built in your area. It’s a great way to work up a sweat and keep that athletic figure.


Admittedly, volleyball is more fun with at least four players and an actual court with a net. But even if there are just two of you, you can still enjoy this fun sport. Practice your digs and spikes with each other. You can even give yourselves the luxury of three touches. All you need is a volleyball.

Plus, if you do happen to have a net, according to the USA Volleyball Team, playing one on one will actually improve your game.

With Just One Player (AKA Yourself)

darts on top of a board


This is one of the best sports you can do right now. 1) you can play it indoors. 2) you can compete with yourself via scoring system, thus avoiding contact with others. 3) According to Decathlon, it can improve your sense of concentration, increase your mental agility, and sharpen your hand-eye coordination. All these with just a board and some darts.


Technically, all you really need is a ball and a ring (preferably with a board), but if you want to take it to the next level. You can build a basketball court in your backyard too. This will ensure that you get used to the right heights and distances. Plus, once the outbreak subsides, you can invite your friends over.

There you have it. Hopefully these sports get rid of some of that itch you feel for staying at home.

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