A Checklist for First-time Car Buyers

Now that you’re a part of the workforce, you need a reliable steed to transport you to and from work. No, we’re not talking about the expensively famous horse-branded vehicles. We’re after a reliable mule, which isn’t costly to purchase nor maintain but would do the job just as well.

To get you started on your hunt, here is a guide you can use in order to have a shortlist of cars. The listed items will help you stay within your budget while providing options that suit your everyday driving needs. Whichever ticks the most boxes wins.

Choose Based on Need

Your first consideration should always be finding a car that suits your needs. If you’re going to and from work exclusively, a faithful sedan will work for you. Now, if your workplace requires you to haul loads from time to time, you may need to choose something bigger, with more torque and horsepower under the hood. Fortunately, pickup trucks usually have bullet-proof engines, which can last decades with proper maintenance. Finding the right one in the used car market won’t take long if you do your research and ask the right questions. Now, if you are using your vehicle to get to and from work and you have a large family to drive around on the weekends, you might want to consider getting a three-row SUV that comfortably seats five to seven people.

Set Your Budget Before You Start Searching

For your first car, the most important parameter is the budget. Don’t start your search without setting a budget. It’s easy to get ‘lost’ in the sea of options when you’re not really firm on your ceiling. Remember that at every price point, there’s always something better that costs just a few dollars more.

If your budget is somewhere around $4500, you can get a decent used sedan from five years ago. Now, if you’re not firm on your budget, you’d see something similar but from three or four years ago if you add another $500 to your max. You need to be firm and exclude those that fall outside your defined maximum price to narrow down your search.

Check How Well It Drives

Getting a newer car doesn’t always mean a better driving experience. It really depends on your preference and your comfort level, so it’s important to try and see how well it drives first before parting with your money. 

If you’re getting a brand new vehicle, you can just walk into a car dealership in Newmarket and ask if they offer any test drives for the car you’re interested in. You can check if the seats are comfortable; if the ride height won’t affect your driving; and check if the steering wheel can be adjusted to your preferred position. From the test drive, you can also see if you like its performance; is it slow to start or does it willingly accelerate based on your input? Do you think you won’t have a hard time driving this on your usual route? Check multiple models and not just the one you think you like.

With the abovementioned tips, you can now create a shortlist of vehicles to consider later. You’ll be able to make an informed buying decision so that you won’t have any regrets in the future.

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