Why Buying a New Car Makes More Sense: Is It Worth It?

You’ve been driving an old, hand-me-down vehicle since you started working. The first thing you’ll probably get when you get promoted or have enough savings is to get your own car. Now, the question is, should you buy a brand new vehicle or still go for used cars? Keep in mind that both have pros and cons – and it boils down to what you really need.

To help you out, here are some of the top reasons getting a brand-new car is a wiser decision than buying a second-hand vehicle:

  1. Unmatched Reliability

If you don’t have any automotive skills or experience in fixing up cars, you’d probably want a vehicle that you can rely on for the coming years. You want something that you can just gas up and go and not a ride that you have to check every couple of miles for leaks. This is the number one reason why you should go with a brand new Skoda, for example.

You’re guaranteed that every part is brand new, the engine is in pristine condition, every surface is smooth and beautiful. You are sure that no part will fall off once you hit your first pothole, and you won’t hear anything that merits a trip to your mechanic. With this, you are sure that you are spending your money on something that’s really new, something that’s warrantied to last for several thousand miles and years of use.

Speaking of warranty, a brand new car comes standard with a year or mileage warranty that guarantees that it won’t fail you anytime soon. You can’t easily have this with a second-hand vehicle, especially those who are above 3 to 5 years old.

  1. Safety is Key

car belt

Brand new cars are tested and rated for their safety features, so that you can drive with confidence no matter where you go. Features like seatbelts, airbags, sensors and cameras are standard. There are safety mounts for your baby seats, ensuring that your precious cargo is safe and secure all the time. But those features are expected.

What modern car manufacturers are doing now is they’re using stronger, lighter materials to ensure the safety and survival for their passengers when worse comes to worst. Crash tests check the rigidity of every panel of your car. There are options to get side airbags, backup cameras, and other features that contribute to your overall safety while you’re in the vehicle.

  1. All the Bells and Whistles

Aside from the new safety features, modern technology also brought us better infotainment systems to level-up our car-riding experience. These features are not available in older cars, and most of them are not compatible, so getting them as an add-on would be impossible.

You have a choice to get 7 to 14-inch infotainment screens, which also work as your control panel, your navigation system, and entertainment console in one. You have speakers on every door panel and corner of the vehicle. You get advanced climate control, massage and heated seats, and more.

From the list above, it’s really hard not to choose a brand new car over a second-hand model. Again, it depends on the budget, but if you can afford it, don’t deprive yourself by not considering the latest model sedan or SUV.

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