Auto Parts: Commonly Replaced Parts and When to Replace Them

Certain parts of your car are prone to wearing out at a quicker rate than others. This is based on the average wear that these parts sustain under normal driving conditions. The following list will give you an idea of which parts you can expect to replace often and when the right time is to do so. You can also get a rough estimate of what you might have to spend.

Suspension Springs

Car suspension springs are divided into three categories: coil springs, torsion bar springs, and leaf springs. All these springs work together to support your car. This allows it to react appropriately to bumps, irregularities in road height, and vehicle loading. They tend to wear out due to age and regular use, especially if you often drive on rough terrain or transport heavy cargo.

When to replace?

You should notice a gradual or immediate increase in vibration and a general harshness felt in your car’s overall ride quality. The most visible indicator of worn torsion bars is sagging ride height. Grinding metal-on-metal noise is also a bad sign.

Average cost:

You can find high-quality torsion springs in Michigan for around $30 to $100. Labor can set you back around $75 to $150.

Oil and Oil Filter

Engine oil lubricates the engine and provides cooling properties. Over time, oil filters become clogged which compromises its ability to clean engine oil. The oil will then turn into a thick sludge that builds up in the engine and breaks it down.

When to replace?

It’s recommended that you replace your oil and oil filter every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or three to six months. As well as when you notice excessive exhaust smoke or the smell of oil inside the car.

Average cost:

Expect to spend between $35 to $75 for an oil change using conventional oil. For a synthetic oil change, you might spend around $65 to $125.

Windshield Wiper Blades

The rubber on your windshield wiper blades is specifically designed to wear out quickly, even if you don’t use it often. A compromised windshield wiper can be dangerous since it creates serious visibility issues during inclement weather.

When to replace?

Windshield wipers should be replaced every six months or so, or when you begin experiencing issues with visibility.

Average cost:

Windshield wiper replacement blades can go for $75 to $110, while labor costs may cost you between $45 to $60.

Brake Pads

Car brakes use a ceramic pad pressed against a metal disc to stop your car. Since this is an essential mechanism that is used often, these ceramic pads can wear down rather quickly.

When to replace?

Every 30,000 to 70,000 miles or three to five years. Also, if you notice a screeching sound when braking or if they don’t respond quickly and vibrate excessively, it could be a sign.

Average cost:

Brake pads cost around $100 to $300 per axle. Repairs could set you back between $250 to $500.


A car mechanic replaces a battery.

Your car’s battery is an essential part of your vehicle that powers its electrical system. Batteries degrade over time, and poor habits like leaving your air conditioner or lights on when the vehicle isn’t started can also wear out your battery sooner.

When to replace?

Every three to five years or when your car takes longer to start.

Average cost:

Depending on the brand you use, replacements could cost you anywhere from $50 to $200. Labor costs vary from $75 to $150.

Prolong the longevity of your car by keeping an eye out for these usual suspects when having your car serviced.

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