Solid Rain: What to Do at Home Following a Hail Storm

Your home should be standing strong and firm to serve as your protection. There are a lot of threats outside, including harsh weather conditions such as thunderstorms, earthquakes, and rain. Most properties can take what nature can give, but it can receive a lot of damage from hailstorms. The rain of ice can spell your home’s doom, especially if it goes on for hours, so you must protect yourself from it at all costs. If you manage to survive the hailstorm, you will notice that the aftermath will be chaotic and messy. Here are the things you need to do following a brutal rain of ice:

Secure Your Safety

Never exit your hiding spot until the sound of ice crashing against your house is still ongoing. If you can still hear it, you should stay still. When the hailstorm passes, remain cautious when moving around the house. There could be a lot of shattered window glasses and damaged walls following this natural phenomenon. The ice can also melt away, which means that your electrical wires might be faulty. Proceed with caution in your every step. You should also consider wearing protective gear to avoid any problems.

Carefully Inspect Damages

Shattered glass is not your only problem following a hailstorm. You will also notice that most of the items you have outside are broken. Your car will likely receive dents and smashed windows. If you look at your roof, you might notice that there are a lot of broken shingles and a few holes, which will damage the integrity of the house. You need to inspect every damaged item in your household. Take pictures of the damages to help make your claim with your insurance company. Damages will happen following a hailstorm, which is why you need to prepare the money and claims you need to make.

Focus on Immediate Repair Needs

Find those that need immediate repair, especially if the threat of another hailstorm is still there. The holes on the roof will require the most attention. If you try to let them be, you will experience a lot of problems when the rain starts to pour. You will also have to apply a new layer of paint on cracked walls. Take note of the damages and prepare for repairs, but you need to make the important ones the priority.

Seek Professional Help



Dent repair

Most of the jobs that require repairs will likely be out of your league. You might be risking further damage or yourself if you try to do them on your own. Consider leaving the repairs to the professionals to make sure that you can restore your shelter. You can find companies that provide hail damage repair services in Denver. They will be able to help you undo the harm done by the solid rain.

Your survival is important during the hailstorm, which is why you should stay still in a secured area during the event. However, you will need to restore the protective features of the house if you want to make it a safe place.

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