Bedroom Design: Mixing Dark Colored Walls and Decorations

Whether it’s navy blue, chocolate brown, or, if you’re really up for the challenge, black, there’s something about going with dark walls that shows confidence and a whole lot of personality. Also, dark walls, especially in the bathroom and using fabric wallpapers, allow homeowners to explore several design options to make full use of the space.

If white walls are known for allowing homeowners a lot of flexibility in terms of design, dark walls provide just the same amount, potentially even more. So, depending on the color you choose, here are some design ideas for a truly relaxing bedroom that’s gorgeous and not gloomy.

Deep Purple Walls

Take it to the next level and go with an unexpected color as the perfect backdrop for your bedroom walls. Deep purple is a great color if you want some drama and the right amount of contemporary style in your bedroom décor.

One issue many homeowners have with dark walls is how the space triggers claustrophobia, as dark-walled rooms tend to feel smaller and more compact. However, to counter this issue, using a lot of white in accent pieces and other decorative items can open up the space a bit more.

Achieve that airy feel by allowing the light to bounce as it touches surfaces.

Dark Red Walls

red wall

Going for bright red on your walls may seem a little too stimulating, especially for a bedroom. However, muted shades of red such as wine and burgundy can give a bedroom that dramatic atmosphere that will still allow you to get some decent sleep at night.

Red walls mean you want that feeling of excitement in your space, but if you’re not ready to commit to a bright shade, you can still keep the walls looking strong by adding a few touches of bright colors on your chosen accent pieces, whether it’s a piece of art hanging on the wall or your bedding.

Another way to balance the strong appeal of dark walls is to get a statement ceiling fixture.

Black Walls

Willing to go the extra mile and just paint your walls black? You may think the darkest color of all is only reserved for goths and vampires. However, when done right, black can be a great color to truly highlight a gorgeous bedroom. A dark wall color may make you think you have very limited choices when it comes to decorating pieces.

After all, most glamorous décor pieces for the bedroom often only come in creamy, dreamy palettes mostly in pastels or light neutrals. But, having a black backdrop will make things a lot more interesting even in these lighter shades.

White furniture and accent pieces can create that monochromatic look that’s certainly classy and not depressing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, metallic accents, whimsical touches, and elaborate lighting to truly up the glam factor.

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