Ready for Summer: How to Prep Your Backyard for Your Upcoming Barbecue or Pool Party

Summer is just around the corner. Now that the sun is shining again, it is time to prep for all the barbecues and pool parties you will host throughout the warm season ahead.

Start Cleaning

Your backyard has most likely been ignored for the past couple of months but, now that the cold weather has passed, it is time to bring your backyard back to its original glory.

Spare a day or two from your busy schedule and dedicate it to providing care for your lawn. You can do it on your own and save a bit of money or you can call the professionals to complete maintenance while you lie back and enjoy the sunshine.

You may also want to try out pressure washing the exterior of your home to remove deep-seated dirt and grime. There are pressure washing services in Seattle that will clean your driveways, patios, or any surface that has been weathered by environmental elements. Pressure washing can sweep away algae, mildew, and other similar growth to make your property look refreshed in time for your next backyard party.

Prep Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture needs cleaning, too, whether you are taking it out from storage or has been left unused throughout fall and winter. If your outdoor furniture is made of wood, deep conditioning can help make it last longer. Use teak oil or a blend of natural oils at the start of the season to prevent damages caused by weather changes. If it does not look good anymore, maybe a bit of sanding can make it look new again.

The cushions may need more than just a wipe. Depending on the type of fabric used, either vacuum or even pressure wash cushions that are meant to be used outside so that you are sure that it is not accumulating dirt and allergens. Do not forget your barbecue grill, as well. Before you fire it up for the summer, take it apart and scrub every nook and cranny rigorously to remove any dirt that has settled in it after being left unused for several months.

Prevent the Appearance of Pests

The warm season always brings the pests out of their hiding. When you expect to host parties at your backyard, you would not want any rats or mosquitoes arriving uninvited. If you are serving food in your backyard, it might attract creepy crawlers that are not only gross but can damage your property.

As part of your home maintenance chores this summer, adopt measures to prevent pests from infiltrating and nesting in your property. First, go around and get rid of any standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. Keep the grass trimmed short to make sure that no insect is hiding in your lawn.

Start Decorating

Family by the pool

Now, for the fun part, you can start installing decorations. Depending on your theme, you can add holiday string lights around the property to illuminate the area and a rolling bar cart that will provide your guests refreshing drinks to cool them down under the hot summer sun. If you want a more tropical feel, talk to a landscaper about adding flowers and plants that will survive your local climate.

Once you are all set, there is nothing else left to do other than send out the invitations to your friends and family members. Have fun!

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