Cities and Hot Weather: How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in Your Trip to a Tropical Country

When Westerners think of a tropical country trip, the beach is almost always what they look forward to the most, but the metros have to be given a chance, too, and the same love.

Singapore, for example, is a beautiful tropical country that boasts of its state-of-the-art urban developments. Their shopping districts are a designer brand lover’s dream, and their dining establishments have highly diverse selections at a wide range of prices. The theme parks, of course, are not to be left behind; Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium, and Sentosa are all easily accessible from any location in the country.

There are pristine beaches in Singapore, too, but you’re not about to miss out on experiencing their cities, are you? However, traveling around the cities might make you uncomfortable and moody because of the heat, so here are some tips to help you stay cool and have a great time:

1. Pack Light

Packing light is important in any place with a hot climate, as heavy luggage or backpacks will certainly make you sweat even more. If you’re coming from a winter-stricken country, though, packing light can be a challenge, but there’s a trick to that.

Thermal and other thick jackets have to be skipped. Layer instead with a comfortable tank top, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and a cardigan or a high-quality thick scarf. You can easily peel these layers off and stuff them in your carry-on luggage when you arrive at your destination.

Speaking of luggage, a 22-inch roller suitcase is ideal as it is considered lightweight if it’s under 10 pounds. Plan ahead so that you’d know what clothes to wear, and how many. For your shoes, comfortable sneakers may be the most ideal since you’d be walking around a lot, but that depends on your style and comfort preference.

You may forego toiletries since hotels have them, and convenience stores are always nearby should you need some more toothpaste or anything.

2. Rent a Car

renting a car

Commuting in a tropical country — or in any foreign country, for that matter — isn’t always a pleasant experience. With shopping bags on one hand and probably a map on the other, comfort is nearly unattainable, Thus, consider taxis, or just rent a car to amplify your convenience. In Singapore, cars can be rented for Grab use, so try this amazing service on your shopping day.

3. Shop in the Malls

Open markets are the haven of affordable but fashionable clothing, but if the heat will hinder you from having fun, hop to the malls. You don’t need to be a luxury shopper to have a blast in the mall. A handful of mid-range brands are also available in there, plus many amazing dining places.

Just head to the open markets in the cooler hours, such as late in the afternoon or at night.

4. Always Be Safe From the Heat

The CDC warns that the elderly, young children, and people with chronic illnesses may be the most vulnerable under extreme heat. But even if you’re healthy, it won’t hurt to take precautions.

Bring a refillable tumbler anywhere you go so you can stay hydrated. Limit alcoholic drinks as they can cause dehydration. Always wear sunscreen before going out, and bring a travel size with you so you can reapply it when needed. Hats and sunglasses are a must during the peak of the day.

Rest for a few minutes in a shaded spot often, especially if you’re going to a theme park, where you’d walk around and line-up for the whole day. Bring a hand-fan as well; it will come in handy if you or your companions feel the signs of heat exhaustion.

Most importantly, do your research before travelling. Being adequately informed saves us from potential troubles, allowing us to have all the fun we went out of our freezing countries for.

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